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How to Have Fun and Safely Enjoy Riding Jet Boats in Alberta

by rosalindarudloff

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The Canadian province of Alberta is home to various lakes, rivers, ponds, and islets. Fishing and water sports enthusiasts often find their way to Hudson’s Bay and the North Saskatchewan River, which runs through the capital, Edmonton. These waterways also provide the perfect environment for recreational boating.

Indeed, you can find many residents in the region who own various kinds of recreational water crafts. These include pontoon boats, bow riders, and ski and wakeboard boats such as jet boats in Alberta. Pontoon boats are flat-decked water vessels that use aluminum tubes as the main hull. Bow riders, on the other hand, have seating areas in the bow or the forward part of a sea craft.

While pontoon boats and bow riders are mainly used for passenger day cruising and other recreational uses, ski and wakeboard boats equipped with jet rides are designed for more rugged sports activities. Unlike conventional water crafts that rely on engine propellers, jet boats use jet water propulsion to move forward at great speeds. Without any protruding propeller mechanism on board, jet boats are thus relatively safer and less likely to harm swimmers and marine life.

In addition to recreational activities, jet boats are also used as a speedy means of transportation for military and civilian purposes. Meanwhile, modern jet boat designs allow these vessels to achieve greater fuel efficiency. Simply put, jet boats provide a great way to have fun and reach one’s destination more rapidly.

Like all fast-moving water-borne vessels, jet boats are not 100 percent safe. There will be always risks involved, especially during sporting activities. To minimize dangers, jet boat riders are advised to wear lifejackets while on board a jet boat, especially a jet ski. Riding jet boats may be exhilarating, but such thrills should never come at the expense of one’s personal safety.

Jet boats glide smoothly over the water and are thus tempting to ride at full speeds. Yet riders must also observe speed limits for obvious safety reasons. These include traveling at only at 5 knots within 200m of the shore or 50m of another vessel. Beyond these speed limits, riders can put themselves and other people in danger and are liable to cause property damage. Before buying any jet boats from Alberta dealers, check out

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