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How to make career into Film and Television

by anonymous

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Film and Televisions industry is a very glamorous industry. To work in such an industry is not only rewarding but interesting too. Millions of people wish to take a plunge into it but don’t know how to do that. This piece of article is to impart knowledge of ‘how to make career into the film and television industry’. Below are some of the key points-

1. Find your niche: You can’t go vaguely, only with a desire to make career into film and television industry. First of all decide in which arena you want to serve. Find your niche. It can be anything ranging from acting to cinematography and audio mixing to direction. See where you fit in and where you can work the most efficiently. You must not stay in a world of fascination and dreams. Come to the ground, scrabble the reality and only then proceed further. 

2. Enrich your niche: Once you have decided the arena in which you want to make you career in film and television, it’s time to enrich your niche. Pursue a talent enrichment course and shine up yourself. If you wish to make your career into acting, take classes in an acting school, if you wish to make your career into cinematography, pursue a diploma training in camera handling and do likewise for other arenas. -

3. Develop contacts: The best thing that you can do as of now, is to develop contacts. Mingle up with the people working in the arena of film and television or those who are pursuing the talent enrichments course along with you. Go to the relevant parties where you might meet up such people. Don’t be a wannabe, rather adhere to the optimum level of sophistication and let the contacts bombard you. Once you gain some useful contacts, stay in touch and don’t ask for a favor instantly.

4. Don’t hesitate to work as an intern: Once you gain useful contacts, stay in touch. Don’t hesitate if you are offered an internship. Just to emphasize the points I must say it again- “don’t think twice if you are offered an internship’. It is certainly a progress. Once you get into a company as an intern you do the practical stuff under supervision of seniors. Here you would learn a lot and if you manage to impress the input head with your work you might be offered a full time job. Use your PR skills and gain some really useful contacts so that if in case you are not offered a job you still have some doors open. 

5. Go with full swing: Once you are asked to appear for an interview, go with full swing. Show the best of you and flaunt your sheer skills. Don’t leave any stone unturned; you might not get this opportunity ever again. Days before the interview, start updating your skills and brush up your knowledge, go through the diploma study material. Give your 100%, so that don’t have to repent later. 

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