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Discovering Personal Development

by personal12

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A few months ago I opened up my e-mail and noted something of interest.  It came, as they say, out of the blue.  Funny how often things start that way.  I read the letter, clicked on an enclosed link and was taken to a sales page.  It had to do with something called The Law of Attraction, a way of thinking they claimed that would get you pretty much anything you wanted (within reason of course).  I’d never heard of this.

I read the sales page and realized that, unlike most of the other people they were describing, my life was for the most part pretty much the way I wanted it to be at the moment.  I also realized that, for the most part, I tend to naturally live according to the principles they were outlining.  There were, however, certain areas where I definitely was lacking and could use some improvement.

The sales page had a link to some free e-books.  I downloaded and devoured them.  I was amazed at how these people had managed to crystallize concepts that I had been vaguely formulating in my own mind for years.  I poked around their website a bit and came across some more material.  I was becoming more and more enraptured by what I was reading.

They had developed a personal growth program for utilizing The Law of Attraction and it was available as a download.  Some of what they were claiming seemed too good to be true and generally I’m extremely skeptical of websites or anyone else making outlandish claims but after much hesitation and rereading of the material I decided to go for it.  The upshot – this was the best 100 bucks I ever spent.

I started reading the program material as well as the considerable amount of bonus material they included with the package.  It hit me straight in the face like a swinging barn door.  There it was - that’s what I had been doing wrong.  OK, so what do I do about it?  There were step-by-step instructions for that too.  Granted, nothing in the way of life changes comes about easily or quickly but at least there was a roadmap for getting to where I wanted to be.

I continued to receive e-mail from them.  Some of their letters suggested other sites I could visit.  Most of the material they recommended seemed intriguing so I continued to check it out and when it looked interesting I added my address to the mailing list of these other sites.  As the days went by the material kept pouring in.  I barely had time to assimilate all the new stuff.

A key feature of most of the personal development programs I investigated was that they provided free samples of what they were promoting.  This could be in the form of free e-books, free mp3 downloads, YouTube videos or CD’s whose only cost was a minimal shipping fee.  I got lots of free stuff and tried it out.  Hot Dang!  Most of this stuff really worked, for me anyway.  Bear in mind that this was not instant transformation but I could sense that as the days passed I was feeling better and gaining direction in the areas I had identified as needing work.

The material kept coming.  There were two or three new programs in my mailbox every day.  It was becoming a formidable task to keep all this stuff organized.  Then it hit me - why not make up a webpage with all this stuff on it and share it with my friends and the rest of the world.  Many of these programs were looking for affiliates, which means that should someone buy a product as a result of a referral through my website I would earn a commission.  What could be better?

How was I to organize all this information?  After considerable consideration I decided that most of the stuff could be included in one of ten categories.  I selected the website URL to be and the categories I selected were:

Generating Income (by unconventional means)


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Brainwave Entrainment

Law of Attraction

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)





To be honest I really haven’t tried all of this stuff.  There is so much of it that it’s hard to know where to start so I have as yet barely scratched the surface.  I have had significant success with subliminal in altering my outlook in certain areas that were troubling me.  Brainwave entrainment was new to me a few months ago but the free samples I got and tried were extremely helpful.  There is one brainwave recording I like to use when I need to get something done.  I don’t know how but it energizes me and motivates me to get things accomplished.  Another recording has the amazing property of giving me inspiration when I’m in need of an idea.  I put on my headphones, turn on the recording and in a few minutes the ideas start to come.

I can’t go into details about how these programs work in this short article.  There is, however, a wealth of free information on the various websites that market these programs.  Many of the creators go into considerable detail to explain the principles behind the phenomena.

If you’ve tried other approaches for curing certain afflictions, for example insomnia or anxiety and they don’t work you may want to try one of these.  The cost of one of these programs will almost certainly be much less than conventional methods and are definitely worth a try.  This is hardly mainstream science but judging from the testimonials and my own limited experience it does appear to work and work really well.

There is much more to be added to the site.  It’s in its infancy now but go ahead and give some of this stuff a try.  Let the website guide you. (Try the free stuff first.)

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