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Many Men Struggle to Cook Desserts

by williamscotton578

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Yorkshire is an area that knows good food. They know how the gravy should be- thick and meaty, with 1 or 2 solid flavours in it- and they know that you never, ever, ever throw tsma scraps away. That’s for silly southern softies, not for real food lovers. If you’re having a Yorkshireman over for christmas lunch, or you’re enjoying the day with a West Yorkshire escort, you’ll need to make damn sure that the food is all top quality. Bizarrely enough, it’s the dessert that catches most men out. They’ve had plenty of practice with joints of meat, they know  how to make a good roast spud, they can even handle a cold meat platter for the starter. When it comes to dainty little pastries and chocolate though, they’re all at sea.

For an absolute beginner, salted caramel chocolate pots are truly ideal. The luxuriously soft texture of the two fillings give the dish a very extravagant feel, but in reality its an absolute breeze to make. The best thing about it is probably that you can make it well before the actual event, so there’s need to worry about ovens beeping and pies burning whilst you’re meant to be enjoying your meal. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for the perfect time to bring your little pots of joy out of the fridge.

For those that are a little more adventurous, a fig and almond tart is sure to draw some admiring looks if you can pull it off. West Yorkshires escorts will love it, as it’s tasty enough to be cooked by a professional chef, but not the sort of thing they would normally get in a restaurant whilst being wined and dined. The secret to the recipe is to get good, ripe, sticky figs. Most people that think they don’t like the fruit have only ever tasted ones which were artificially forced to ripen or picked too early. The oozing, toffee like textures and hues of a ripe fig work beautifully with shortcrust pastry and nuts to create a rich, dense dessert that’s perfect with a good dollop of thick cream. A dessert wine would also go nicely and if you’re into that sort of thing, something quite fresh and zesty like a sauternes would be ideal.

For the confident chef, nothing screams impressive like the perfect balance of fruit and confectionary, of sweetness and tart delight, of light and dark. There are few dishes that can rival a perfectly made cake, covered in thin sheets of perfectly tempered chocolate. Any real food lover will know the immense skill and effort that goes into making a light, fluffy sponge that can hold its own without being too dense or too stiff. It must be inviting, yet firm, yielding, yet crumbly, plain and yet full of subtle flavour. Around it, like sheets of perfectly crafted plate mail, sit thin layers of chocolate that has been tempered and worked into a hard coating that would normally be impossible at such a thickness. It breaks with a satisfying snap, and represents nothing less than a truly mastery of confection. Buried deep within all of this, lies a well of intense flavour, a conserve made from blueberries, raspberries and lingonberries, normally with a little hint of liquor. The smoothness of the chocolate and the cake, with the sharpness of the fruit, forms an unbeatable combination that will wow any guest, no matter how well they have eaten in the past. Few men that entertain escorts in West Yorkshire know how to pull off such a stunning end to a meal, but those that do find themselves almost universally admired.


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