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Small Businesses Turning To Social Mobile Marketing

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Small Businesses Turning To Social Mobile Marketing
Social Media gave rise to an industry that proved to be as viral as the common cold, and with its infectious nature, it became a welcomed addition to many organizations as they harnessed its influence to interact with the masses.
With an explosive takeover of  Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, many others began consuming the online world of business. Thus, giving giant corporations no choice but to reconsider and implement the use of Social Media within their organizations.
Many mobile websites and social media sites have gained much focus of small businesses. Their budgets now focus more intensely on web properties and websites like mobile optimization and social networks.  BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor, a research firm, conducted a survey focusing on small and mid-sized businesses and their operations. The survey reported that Small  and Medium Businesses  began spending $1,190 on their media and marketing budget compared to their previous spending of $876 in 2011.
In August of 2012, an online survey initiated by Local Commerce Monitor Wave 16 included 600 Small and Medium Businesses, that were researched in two samples of 300, and constituted of LCM Plus Spender organizations that spend $25,000 annually on advertising and promotions and LCM Core that do not have a minimum annual promotion or advertising budget.
In the core medium for SMB, considering promotion and advertising, social media sites such as Facebook have been rapidly evolving. The Core respondents from the survey resulted in 63% of them confessing to using social media.
Small businesses are now even turning towards social mobile marketing as a promotional and advertising format. A latest survey concluded that 14.7% of the respondents have admitted to using mobile websites and another 22% reported that they would add mobile marketing in their marketing strategies in the next 12 months. These figures provide a healthy insight of SMB’s reporting to use mobile websites as a strategy by profiting from the growing opportunities.
It’s not a matter of if small and medium size businesses will use the mobile marketing platform, it’s a matter of what apps and how fast.
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