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'Loss in network connection...' error in Access 2000

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There could be several reasons for access database corruption. A damaged .accdb file can result into data unavailability. Workstations on different service packs to insufficient hard disk space for the temporary folder or virtual memory or Improper system shutdown or application malfunction are the main causes for access database file corruption (.accdb).  Solution can be found if you have a clean and updated backup copy of your database, whatever the reason it is.  However, If you don't have any backup copy of your database, you must opt for an advanced access repair tool.

Let's take a scenario, wherein, you trying to add, delete or update or view the code for a module, or try to run a code in Microsoft Access 2000 database, and receive the following error:

“Error accessing file. Network connection may have been lost.”

This error occurs due to database being absent on a network.

These above message are occurred because of either of following two situations:
Either, you installed both Access 2000 and version of the Vbe6.dll on same system and try to import reports or forms into a new containing code modules or standalone modules into a new Microsoft Access 2000 database assisting MS Access 2000 and then you open, view and compile the modules.

Since being a confliction between MS Access 2000 and version of the Vbe6.dll file, certain code modules do not compile and run. And, the failure of the code results in the above error.     
The other reason could be file corruption.

If your system is free of Vbe6.dll then problem can be overcame by following these steps:
1.Open a report or forum in Design>view
2.Save the code behind the form or the report as a .txt file
3.Set HasModule property of the form or report to No, and then save the object
4.Repeat step 1 and step 3 for each form or report in database
5.Save each module with .txt.
6.Create a new blank database
7.Hit File menu>Get External Data>click Import. Start Importing all tables, reports and queries, reports and more to a new database.
8.Restore the code behind each form and report from the text files
9.Import each text file as a new module that was saved in step 5
And, If your system is with version of the Vbe6.dll file, you must revert to an updated backup of the database. However, in absence of a valid backup or in case of database corruption, you must follow access repair options.

You can download a third party Access recovery tool which is a productive solution to fix the corrupt access database(.accdb) file and access data. Although, you may find plenty of access repair tools on the Internet, but you must select a feasible one after analyzing its features.

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery is a reliable application which repairs corrupt Access database created with MS Access 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 versions. This access database repair application applies improved scanning algorithms and recovers all database objects including table, macros, reports, forms etc.

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