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ASUS G55VW-ES71 Gaming Laptop Review

by rimsalbert

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First things first, this is an extremely powerful piece of equipment. Gone are the days when your gaming laptop wasn’t quite as good as your desktop. The G55VW-ES71 makes it a breeze to run Skyrim on Ultra detail settings, or The Old Republic with maxed out details. Most laptops can’t do this. The fact that this one can without getting insanely hot or sounding like a freight train is truly impressive.There’s also the facility to run Nvidia 3D vision, which is cool, although the glasses are not included.Something else we must mention are the looks. This is an attractive, unique looking computer. It manages to look cool and futuristic without trying to be an Alienware copy, which is a trap a lot of gaming notebook models fall into. is a website witch gives all information about Asus Laptop Computer X401A Review.

We also loved the backlit keyboard. Perfect for night time gamers… and what gamer isn’t a night time gamer, really? The keys are smooth and responsive, and Asus even found the space to put a number pad on the side, which is by no means the norm with 15 inch laptops.g55 keyboardThe chassis itself is very sturdy. The hinge will certainly take some punishment, and it’s nice to see certain manufacturers addressing things that were a problem in the past. As somebody who once had a gaming laptop hinge snap when the computer was a just a week outside its one year warranty, the robustness of this model is nice to see.Cooling wise, Asus have done a phenomenal job of cooling down this monstrous quad core CPU, and it’s quiet too. Gone are the days when you’d need to open a window to let out the hot air whenever you booted up your laptop.

There are a ton of other great features and neat little touches too – 4 USB 3.0 ports for example, HDMI output, and a 500 gig hard drive, which let’s face it is plenty for gaming on the move.Let’s start with the most obvious – battery life. Without being plugged in, you’re not going to get very long out of this computer. The same may true of every single gaming laptop out there, but it’s still something that needs to be mentioned.At the risk of sounding too picky, it would be nice if there were a Blu Ray drive included, with maybe the option to watch 3D movies.Something that’s a genuine issue is the subwoofer. It’s a great idea, we must commend Asus for that – but the implementation isn’t quite what you’d hope for. At the time of writing, it’s not really a subwoofer. A real sub should play just the low frequency sounds, and give extra depth to the sounds being produced by the other speakers.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case here. This Subwoofer works just like a third speaker – it plays all the same sounds as the other two, but a little lower and thicker sounding. This sounds pretty crappy in practice – not what you’d hope for at all.We’re assuming that either Asus will fix this with a quick software patch, or some third party will. The subwoofer is a great idea overall, but right now it needs fine-tuning.As with any laptop, upgrading could be an issue, which means it could have a definite shelf life. Having said that, Youtube has made it easier for everybody to upgrade just about everything in their lives, and aside from that this machine is exceptionally powerful right out of the box, so the upgrade issue shouldn’t raise its ugly head for 2 or 3 years easily. is a website witch gives all information about Asus Laptop Computer X401A Review.

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