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Car Insurance And Auto theft in Miami

by ScottWallace

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You bought a popular new and fast little, imported car, just three years ago and you've sunk alot of money into it, since. The trouble is that all of those street races have taken a toll on the running gear and replacing it with a bigger, more powerful engine and a slick-shifting transmission will cost as much as a new car. What do you do?<br><br>

What follows is what you don't do.<br><br>

You are insured by a solid, up-to-date, comprehensive car insurance policy and are fully covered for auto theft. Your buddies tell you that they know a guy that knows a guy.
This is the set up for what the police calla
"friendly steal". You just want to get out from under your tired old ride and into something that more suits who you are and flies like a rocket ship.<br><br>

Your "buddies" fix you up with a phone number, which you call to arrange for your car to be stolen. The deed will take place at work, since the parking lot isn't really guarded; so you arrange to leave the car unlockedwitha duplicate key under the floor mat and $300 locked in the glove compartment. The night before, you remove everything of value, from your old rideincluding that fantastic set of deep-dish wheels. At workthe nextdayyou eat in and go outaftera long day of bagging groceries, to an empty parking space.<br><br>

All you have to do now is report the auto theft to the police and the car insurance company. You may have to catch a ride with friends for a couple of weeks, but that's cool. You will soon be the big man againoncruise night, with a brand new car.<br><br>

What happened to your car? First the thief picked it up early,in order to have a little head start on the police. He drove it directly to a chop shop, where every usable and resalable part was stripped off, right down to the fenders and doors. The chassis was bare before you even left work, and then it was put into the back of a covered truck, filled with garbage, dumped and torched in a place where the police would eventually find it.<br><br>

Sometimes there is no chop shop involved in the auto theft and the dirty deed is done by an arsonist, who only needs to invest in a gallon of gasoline and a plastic jug.
This has been a common car insurance fraud method involving high ticket SUVs in a market with rising gas prices. The arrangements are made in exactly the same way and the vehicle owner never sees or meets the arsonist.<br><br>

As foolproof as this type of auto theft may seem; car insurance companies and local police know what to look for and how to deal with it.
The vehicle owner is seen as a full partner in this criminal activity and is very likely to serve prison time. Grand auto theft and arson are serious felonies that should be punished severely.


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