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Enjoying Imported Water Craft with an Authorized Boat CE

by markbrown

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As a boating enthusiast, you know that each country has something unique about its boats. While typical European crafts hark back to the days of the Old World’s naval supremacy with their ocean-faring builds, water vehicles from other countries, especially the United States, have always been about short-distance operations and ludicrous speeds. A lot of Europeans have found these foreign boats much more appealing and more exciting that they’re willing to import the crafts.

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the thrill of speeding on a boat of foreign build, Europeans have to observe boating industry standards as set by the Conformité Européenne (CE). Basically, Europeans can’t use any boat unless it conforms to necessary parameters and requirements set by the CE. It is a good thing they have the option to affix an official CE boat marking after having the craft tested and tuned.

Proofing with the CE label isn’t limited to boats, as it can be put on any product as well. Additionally, the CE mark doesn’t necessarily say that the labeled product is of high quality. What it does mean is that the product meets the stipulations made by the European trade industry as a whole; even products not produced by Europeans must meet the CE standard or they can’t be sold or used.

The process of acquiring the necessary boat CE marking begins with weighing the boat’s specifications. Its dimensions, shape, weight, and displacement are taken into account. Afterwards, the boat is put to the test on an actual run to gauge its performance. The craft’s top speed, fuel consumption, and overall performance are rated. Only when all of these are recorded and found to fit the standards of the CE will they be approved.

Europeans eager to import boats can acquire their CE markings from licensed third-party firms that carry out the testing. Often, these firms are referred to by those who actually sell the boats so that buyers can seamlessly purchase and have the boats tested quickly. They will also offer to modify crafts for these to meet industry standards.

Europeans love their boats, and they, on occasion, purchase boats from elsewhere. To make sure their new purchases don’t endanger the market, CE approvals are needed. To learn more about the CE marking, you could visit its homepage, at

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