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Wattchit App, a New Way to Manage Your Electricity Bill

by mostafahashem

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When it comes to paying the electricity bill, one common complaint is that the bill is too much.  I know, because it is a common complaint of my own too.  I cannot stand having such high bills for my electricity.  My coworker recently suggested that I check into the Iphone application “Wattchit”.  They were telling that the application is saving a ton on money on their electric bill.

“Wattchit” offers a chance to keep track of the energy usage throughout the house.  This not only benefits the environment, but it is just as beneficial on the pocket.  I have already found that I am saving about $20.00 per month on average.  I am not a technically savvy person, but using “Wattchit” offers me the chance to be able to make sure that I can use it without too much headache.   I was absolutely amazed that they hold the world’s largest database of electrical appliances.  Their database on electrical devices holds well over 30,000 different electrical appliances in it.  They also hold the world’s largest database on tips for conserving energy.

 Another thing that I really like about this program is that it does not stop the break down to the per room level.  It breaks it down to what each appliance in the room is costing to operate.  I have recently been using this program to help me decide what appliances I should spend the little bit extra upfront to get as an energy efficient appliance.  For example, I have recently chosen to go out and purchase an energy star washer and dryer, because I do between four and six loads of laundry each week.  This was really adding up very quick.  I did not realize how much energy I was wasting when I was washing laundry.  My new machines do not even use half of the power that was being consumed from the old machines.

Using “Wattchit” has offered me the chance to be able to save a lot more money than I was.  I do not have to waste my paychecks, just to pay the electric bill, because of my family not realizing how much our energy waste was adding up to, we did not know how to change.  We are now seeing with the “Wattchit” program that we could be saving a lot of money.  We are slowly finding more and more ways to save with this program.  I would suggest that anyone on a tight budget or anyone that is energy conscious consider getting this program.  It has saved my family from having to waste our hard earned money paying for energy that we could have lived without.  For me one of the best things to find out is that this program is also soon going to be available for Android and Blackberry devices.

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