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Boost Your Westchester Window with Fibrex

by daniellebailey

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The majority of perceptive citizens prefer living in recently developed homes, as vintage houses have the tendency to deal with outdated construction design. Case in point: windows. Old windows are bound to be breezy, creaky, and inefficient in keeping a comfy room temperature. Such windows must be changed with replacement windows made from Fibrex.

Fibrex, a patented window material, is a composite of vinyl PVC and recovered wood fibers. It was first developed by the Andersen Window Business, a window-making company that has been around since 1903. The product was established to address the weak points of wood and vinyl: rotting (for wood) and buckling (for vinyl). By incorporating both products, these weak points are done away with. Fibrex windows can be installed by accredited Westchester window professionals.

Thermal conductivity

Fibrex windows are wonderful insulators. In addition, in Connecticut's humid continental climate, Fibrex windows carry out much better in keeping hot air outside throughout the summer and keeping it inside during the winter. Your house will come to be more comfy, and as a benefit, you'll have the ability to conserve cash on energy expenses.


Glass is weighty, and with today's multi-pane windows, window frames require to be sturdy enough to support all that glass. To resolve this issue, window makers tried enhancing vinyl frames with metal rods. This, nevertheless, led to huge, large windows with a great deal less glass. Fibrex windows are nearly 3 times more powerful than vinyl, so they do not require metal rods for support. With Fibrex windows, you get even more glass, a more appealing window, and a much better view.

Heat deflection

Heat deflection describes a product's ability to manage heat. At very high temperatures, a window product can begin to misshape causing it to be deformed. Fibrex could stand up to temperature levels up to 221 degrees; that's a temperature level that your house framework will not probably ever reach.


Fibrex is made from recovered wood. This suggests that when you invest in and set up Fibrex windows, no fresh wood is applied. Thus, trees are saved and deforestation is curbed, making Fibrex an eco-friendly window replacement product. Speak to an expert in window replacement from CT to find out about the cost of having Fibrex windows for your house. Discover more about Fibrex by checking out

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