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Second Hand Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Used Restaurant Eq

by mmcateringbridgend

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In an ideal world, we’re sure that you'd enjoy filling up your kitchen up to the brim with brand new top-end catering equipment, wouldn't you? If we had an unlimited budget, we'd all go for the finest of everything in life; the newest, the most powerful, the sleekest, the prettiest etc.

Unfortunately, we live in the real world where everything must be balanced between cost and effectiveness. The cold reality of a budget affects us all on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean to say that a lack of funds should necessarily lead to a lack of quality. As with many things in life, sniffing out a bargain is sometimes as easy as knowing what to look out for and speaking to the right people, which is why you need to speak to us!

Are you sure that you couldn’t do with upgrading a few things around your place? Is your fryer a damp squib? Is your cold room now just...a room? Could your microwaves have been used to help crack the enigma code?

If you have creaky equipment propping up your kitchen under a busy service, the knowledge that anything could give way should be weighing deeply on your mind.

If this is the case, the way to think about deciding whether second hand catering equipment is the way to go for you is to consider this; let’s say that your oven is (for example), fifteen years old. If you get a second hand version that has had light use for a couple of years and has now been refurbished by us so that it’s virtually like new, you’re going to gain back a new lease of life in that section of the kitchen whilst getting a potentially huge discount from the new version of the same model. You may not necessarily require something top end, but you want to put a stop to the constant repairs and failings of your current kit, going for Used Catering Equipment may be the way to go.

Yes, of course, you’re not going to get the full warranty that comes with brand new equipment, but if you have ageing rusted and busted equipment your warranty will have long expired anyway and for the sake of avoiding costly repairs to your existing gear, you can upgrade your catering equipment to a newer model for potentially huge savings off brand new equipment. You’re not exactly going to leave completely empty handed anyway as we offer a 3 months parts only warranty on all of our second hand Catering Equipment Wales at! To read more click here. have been selling catering supplies to the South Wales. We sell new and Reconditioned Catering Equipment, as well as offering a comprehensive rental service. We offer a complete catering equipment Wales, crockery, cutlery, glassware, linen and furniture hire with very competitive rates and a free return dirty service.

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