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Understanding Water Filtration Needs

by WaterDepot

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You may have seen a water cooler in your office or at a friend's house and thought to yourself, "why would someone need one of those?" Well, there are many reasons why water coolers are convenient and easy to use however, their most valuable benefit is the water itself.

The water inside the water coolers isn't just water from the tap. It is water that has undergone a specific water filtration system. This system removes T.H.M.'S, T.C.E.'s, and chlorine, hardness of the water, iron manganese, and sediment. The water then undergoes reverse osmosis, ultraviolet disinfection and ozonation. The scientific explanation of this system can be quite confusing to understand, read more on this process. In simpler terms, this system is pure, chemical free and provides a high level of disinfection of contaminants in water.

Not only do water coolers offer pure water they also offer pure convenience. Water coolers are available in all shapes and sizes and offer features such as temperature of the water, child resistance features, easy to use push buttons, LED night lights, and many more. Water Depot offers Ontarians with water coolers and dispensers for their homes and offices.

Water Depot offers a variety of water coolers including water dispensing coolers, countertop coolers, and bottom loading coolers. If you're in the market for a new water cooler, Water depot is the place to go!

Water filtration is provided by the municipality in which you live, although you may feel that an additional water treatment system is beneficial for your drinking water. There is nothing like the taste of purified water from Water Depot! If you receive your water from a well for example, although it is regularly tested by yourself, you may want an additional water filtration system.

Water filtration can also provide a variation of water treatments. Each household may experience unique problems within their water system. Your water may contain an increased amount of iron or hardness; it may even have an odd smell or taste. Exclusive to Water depot, Ozo-blaster is a water treatment that targets and solves water quality issues that you may be experiencing in your home.

Water Depot offers 25 retail locations across Ontario, specializing in water treatment solutions. Water Depot offers water softeners, filtration systems, ultraviolet disinfection systems, reverse osmosis systems, water coolers, bottled water and U-fill Water Centers.






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