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Solar panels and wind turbines powering the way

by anonymous

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Many electrical installation companies are heavily in favour of renewable energy technologies and policy.  Is it because they all have a strong passion for the environment or is it something more closer to the monetary system?

One of our local electricians in Portsmouth says “well for me personally, its a bit of both – obviously we need new business in order to earn money and to keep paying our mortgage, buying in food and providing for our children”.  Collin also went on to say, that he has always been a passionate environmentalist and that a sustainable eco friendly economy has always been high on his political agenda wish list.  He also commented that being one of many electricians in Portsmouth they have the best of both worlds, in that he can continue being an electrician, carrying out electrical works and contracts and that if he is lucky enough to pick up solar panel or wind turbine contracts he then gets to help the environment at the same time. 

The bulk of his renewable energy business as Portsmouth electricians is for the moment solar power, however having stated that; major cuts to the solar panel subsidies have recently been implemented and the ramifications of this are causing ripple waves throughout the industry.  Many experts are predicting that wind turbines will be the next sensible renewable solution, for those looking for a long term renewable energy investment.  They do after all not rely on the sun as (we all know the sun only shines for some of the day), and less in winter months which is exactly when power is needed the most.  Wind tends to blow more in the winter and does not switch off at night.  The main drawback with wind turbines is the need for costly and time consuming planning permission, this can also be extremely hard to obtain as many people such as neighbours, do not want towering rotating blades hovering overhead near their properties.

Collins as a qualified and fully regulated electrician doesn’t mind which technology, as long as its renewable and he can assist with the installation processes.  Sometimes its great being an electrician.

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