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25 Factors That Affect Corporate Video Production Costs

by anonymous

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Online Corporate videos are a great way to increase business awareness among target customers for any company. And the good thing is that companies with any budget and any size can easily do Corporate Video Production. Even they can shoot, edit and publish their corporate videos in free using free online tools for editing and using small camcorders. The amazing thing is that their freely produces videos sometimes can generate revenue of thousands dollars for their business.

Video production companies also can shoot a video in small budget. As technology being advanced to decreasing the difficulties of video shooting. Also there are some factors which can decrease your corporate video cost.


Hiring an actor is the main part of your cost. Mostly professional companies select company’s employee for video. Professional actors also can shoot your video but it will increase your cost.

2. Script Writing

Script is a main part of any video, because it contain the main marketing idea. You can say “Script is Marketing”. Therefore do not miss main part. You can use get your audience feedback using online question answering sites to know customers need.  Later on you can use their feedback to create video and you can show that your services or product solve their problem.

4. Professional Video Production Company

You should keep in mind that professional video production company provide complete solution. Therefore you are not required to arrange things like lightning, computing and shooting products. A professional can charge $50 to $300 per hour. You can do in-house video shooting to reduce your cost.

5. Camera Quality

Shooting camera is the main equipment of the whole process. You can’t compromise on it’s quality. A good camera can range from $500 to $50,000. Professional companies use their own high quality cameras. So, it’s a good part of professional company.

7. Tools and Equipment

Equipment like booms, lens, microphones, and different types of lighting tools. All these tools can cost you $20 to $100 per hour.

8. Shooting on Location

Shooting location is a main factor which shows what kind of high quality video you are going to shoot and show to your audience. Shooting your video in your business headquarter will cost you $0. So, keep considering this option. Shooting at outdoor unique location could be a cause of revenue increasing.

9. The Cost of Props

When a web video production requires the use of props or unique equipment or vehicles this can certainly have an impact on the overall cost of a corporation's production.

10. Studio Rental

When a corporation's web video production requires a studio or soundstage for certain audio requirements such as musical scores, this will certainly impact production costs. Other considerations include the use of green screen facilities for certain special effects. Studios can range in cost from under $100 per hour to easily around $500 per hour.

11. Additional Footage or B-Roll

B-Roll footage is simply footage that is in addition to the primary actor footage and is often used to enhance the quality of a film. B-Roll costs are variable and can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well over several thousand dollars.

12. On-location Variances

Where a film is shot can have a large impact on the expense of production. For example, shooting in a small rural area will be far less expensive than shooting in a large metropolitan city. Consider location when calculating the cost of a Corporation's web video production.

13. Stock Footage

Purchasing stock footage and images can enhance the quality of a video and reduce the cost of filming. Search online for a variety of stock footage providers to compare costs.

14. Audio Files

Another consideration when determining costs related to corporate video production is audio. Supplemental audio or sound effects can incur minimal additional costs or can easily reach into the thousands of dollars.

15. Cost of Narration

Narration can add a professional tone to your production, but can also add to the overall cost of the production. Consider the benefits of narration and the cost involved which can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over several thousand dollars.

17. Cost of a Teleprompter

The cost of a teleprompter can easily average around $500 per day. The upside of using a teleprompter is that it can reduce the overall cost of filming by improving on actor efficiency. Less "takes" means more overall savings for the corporation.

18. Video Length

Typically the cost of the video is directly proportional to its length. As would be expected shorter videos will be more cost-effective for corporations. The good news is that the trend is towards shorter to-the-point videos these days.

19. Film Handling

Once a film has been shot it is far from complete. Film production requires digital services, the rendering of film, as well as the uploading of video files. These services can vary in cost and should be considered when looking at the overall cost of a web video production.

20. Royalty Fees and Licensing

Always consider the costs involved with royalty fees and licensing fees such as union related costs when calculating the overall cost of a corporate video production.

21. Agency Cost

The cost of video production can be reduced by working directly with a production company as opposed to an intermediate or third party agency.

22. Video Hosting

An online web video production requires some type of hosting to store the video files. The good news is that when incorporating services such as YouTube into your production the cost is essentially zero. Other hosting services are available and the cost is usually minimal.

23. Variations in Language

Consider the cost of language translation and closed captioning when determining overall costs of a corporate video production. Much of this type work can be done in the editing phase of the production.

24. Technology and Formatting

Consider how your finished product will be formatted. The requirement for international distribution and other factors will determine the types of formatting required. Offering a wide range of formats in the finished product can add to overall cost of production.

25. Petty Cash

All other costs such as permits, food, transportation, and legal fees can be included in the petty cash fund. Depending on the size of production this fund can be a few hundred dollars or easily tens of thousands of dollars.


Consider these 25 key factors when determining what the overall total dollar amount of a web video production for a corporation will ultimately be. As is noted here there are a wide range of variables when determining or estimating the overall cost of a corporate web video production. Technology and the Internet have greatly reduced the cost of nearly all of the factors that have been discussed here. Keeping this in mind it is easy to see how a corporate video could easily be produced for nearly nothing. Conversely, taking all these factors into account it is also easy to see that a full-blown major corporate video production could range into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cost aside, one thing is certain when it comes to a web video production, and that is that having a web presence for a corporation is critical to success in today's business world. Asking the question what does a corporate web video cost can only be answered by each individual corporation based on their specific needs and desires.


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