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Knee Pain: Causes, Treatments & Prevention

by shanewatson

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Knee joint is one of the crucial but complicated joints of the body. It tolerates the whole weight of body and makes a person sit, stand, run and walk. It is true that the chances of suffering from knee injuries are more because it is the most utilized area in one’s body. Some knee pains are just minor annoyances, but sometimes these can really disrupt one’s quality of life. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the causes, treatment and prevention of knee pain in order to lead a better life.


There are many causes of knee pain such as sports and accident injury. The athletes are more prone to knee injuries and that is why it is essential to go for regular check-ups. However, you will be surprised to know that most cases of knee injury are caused by normal degenerative process of ageing. Torn cartilage and ruptured ligament are two common causes of knee pain. However, few medical conditions can also cause knee pain which may include gout, infections and arthritis.

The dislocation of kneecap is another injury that may cause knee pain. In such a case, if kneecap or patella moves from its original place, only an experienced orthopedic can fix it back. The tendon ruptures are common causes and athletes are easily affected. If the tendon is completely ruptured then surgery is the only alternative. A partial ruptured tendon can be healed with the help of splint though. Meniscal injuries are also one the major causes for knee pain. If you hear knee grinding and clicking, then immediate medical help is required.

Treatments & Prevention

As you have studied, there are many causes of knee pain. Some can be healed by taking few precautions, while other pains are hard to get rid of. In such circumstances, it is always recommended to seek help of an experienced orthopedic clinic. However, there are few treatments and prevention methods that you should know.

  • Heating pads and ice packs can be used on injury as it can give great relief to the sufferer. Advil and Tylenol are 2 common painkillers that can be used to handle extreme knee pain. In case of severe pain, visit local orthopedic clinic to know the exact cause.
  • It is essential to maintain the body weight so that minimum force is applied on knees. It is true that light walking can reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis, so make a habit of it! Appropriate weight really reduces a number of tendon and ligament injuries.
  • Strengthening exercises play crucial role in reducing the burden on knee joints. Stretching exercises can help in relaxing the too tight knee muscles which therefore prevents the iliotibial band and patellofemoral syndrome.

Find a good orthopedic clinic

In order to get instant relief, it is better to find a good orthopedic clinic available nearby. Only a professional can understand the exact cause of knee pain and thus can advice the right treatment.

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