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Techniques for Taking Care of Veneers

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Porcelain is a naturally stain resistant material, which is what veneers are made of.  However they still may collect some discoloration after a period of time.  Patients may take preventative measures to prolong the life of their porcelain veneers.  Below are some fun facts on how to care for your veneers from the Toluca Lake cosmetic dentists.

The first thing to remember is that you should give your veneers as much maintenance attention as you would your natural teeth.  Be sure to brush and floss at least twice a day.  This simple activity will minimize plaque buildup.  In addition, you will have to have dental cleanings performed twice a year.  

Another thing to keep in mind is that poor dental habits which may harm your natural teeth will also cause damage to your veneers.  So if you…

· Have a habit of chewing hard candies or ice

· Open items such as bottles with your teeth

· Use your front teeth to bite into nuts and seeds

· Or grind/clench your teeth on a regular basis

…try to limit these behaviors to preserve the durability of your veneers. You may be suffering from bruxism if you habitually clench or grind your teeth.  Seek treatment from your dentist right away in order to minimize the harmful effects of bruxism.

Remember to avoid using overly abrasive toothpastes on your veneers, and don’t pick at your restorations with toothpicks or metal objects.  Engaging in these behaviors will potentially crack or chip your veneers.  They also may weaken the surface of your veneers and lead to discoloration.  

The Toluca Lake cosmetic dental office is here to further educate you on veneers and help you decide if they are the right option for you.  Keep in mind that veneers may be used to correct a single tooth or an entire smile. Give us a call to learn more or to schedule an appointment—we’re here to help you achieve a smile that you will be proud of.  

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