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Protecting Fauna against annihilation

by Peace4animals

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Wildlife the non domesticated vertebrates also referred as the fauna is greatly impacted by a number of human activities on the planet. Fauna are found throughout the ecosystem in all deserts, forests, rain forests, plains, grasslands, other areas including the most developed urban areas. But sadly, the fauna generation is struck badly with annihilation through humans and if immediate actions are not to be taken then they will become the story of the past.


Humans have historically tended to have a greater effect on the wildlife in a number of ways including the legal, social, and moral sense. They have become a major threat to the wildlife not only in the urban areas but also in the forests which is actually their habitat. On the whole, humans are destroying the entire ecosystem by exploiting the major elements of nature like animals, land, forests, water and also the air.

In order to build houses and all kinds of factories humans are destroying the land where once beautiful fields and forests existed. They are cutting down the trees either to get the land or for the wood to fill their amenities. This is just not affecting the land alone, as the reduction of trees on the planet is resulting in various major threats like green house effect thus ruining the earth’s atmosphere. Also the increasing number of factories and industries discharging their chemicals into lakes and river are polluting the water bodies on earth. However, wildlife is becoming the indirect victim to such mishaps and losing their lives in huge numbers.

Destruction of the habitat of a particular wildlife species intentionally or unintentionally by humans is leading to the extinction of many species on the earth. The habitat may be either destroyed for deforestation, drainage, improving agriculture, urban and suburban development, highway construction and dam building etc. As a result of this the species must adapt to the changes in habitat, move elsewhere or many succumb to starvation or disease and die. This tragic tale of the wildlife is neglected by humans.


Nevertheless, there are many reasons that are forcing the extinction of these vertebrates on the planet earth. But whatsoever may be the reason this loss will certainly cause changes in the climate on the whole. The change is not only affecting just the wildlife as also the humans are getting affected as well. Both the flora and fauna play a prominent role in keeping the earth’s atmosphere stable from the formation of the globe. Each plays an important role in maintaining and balancing the temperature of earth. All the species and flora are dependent on each other and the loss of one’s life will affect the other. Humans majorly also helpless without these two as man depends on this species as they keep the air clean and land fertilized.


It is often easy to feel overwhelmed in the face of species loss and habitat destruction. The problem is large and complex and needs immediate attention. For this many animal organizations are coming forward to Wild Animals Rescue to help stop the wildlife extinction on the earth. It is also witnessed that an increasing number of Famous Animal Activists are joining hands with these organizations for Wild Animals Rescue and aid. They may only do a little bit in the grand scheme of things, but together our seemingly small actions add up to a lot. By joining in, you can also support the ongoing efforts to protect species and habitats of these animal organizations.

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