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Transvaginal Tape medical procedures for SUI in Gals - Some

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When women are experiencing that there is a repeated involuntary release of urine when they are engaged in works that put stress on their bladder, it might be due to the stress urinary incontinence condition faced by them. The Tension-Free Vaginal Tape otherwise called as TVT procedure is one of the treatment options for this condition. This procedure is recommended with a view to hold up the drooping urethra in such a way that it will stay closed even when some pressure is put on the bladder thereby ensuring that there will not be any accidental release of urine.

In Transvaginal Tape surgery, a mesh tape will be placed by the health care provider under the urethra like a hanging bed for keeping it in its typical position. The tape is generally inserted with the help of tiny incisions that are made in the vaginal wall and in the abdomen. For keeping the tape in place, no sutures will be needed and the procedure will take around 30 minutes and it is generally done under local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is given because the patient can be made to cough after placing of the tape for ensuring that it is placed in the correct position to support the urethra. So, now let us find what can be expected by a patient after this surgery:

Normally, within hours of this incontinence surgery, the patient will be asked to urinate for finding the response of urethra and bladder. After this is done, the patient will be discharged to home and even there are chances that the health care provider might recommend an over-night stay in the hospital as well. During the recovery process, a thin and flexible tube will be placed into the bladder of the patient through her urethra for allowing the urine to drain.

Transvaginal tape surgery will cause only minimum discomfort and pain. The patient will be in a position to resume her normal work within a week or two. She will be advised to keep away from driving for at least two weeks and from strenuous activities at least for 6 weeks.

As the surgery time, hospital stay and time required for recovery is lesser in this type of incontinence surgery as compared to any other surgeries, patients generally prefer it. However, only their health care provider will be in a position to identify the right kind of surgery or medications that can work for them according to their health conditions.

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