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Prevent Pressure Sores with Pressure Cushions From Mayflower

by grayson383

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Are you suffering with immobility and is bonded to wheelchair for a certain period of your life? Is any of your near and dear is confined to bed or wheelchair for a long period of time? Be aware of the pressure ulcers that will become a terrible headache to manage once it gets formed. It is advisable to prevent them from the early stages of your confinement. We, at the Mayflower-medical, have developed Pressure Sore Treatment to assist you in this aspect.

Pressure ulcers and pressure sores are formed due to the interruption in blood supply for that particular body parts that are in constant pressure due to the weight of the patient. Oxygen and the necessary nutrients that keep the cells alive is cut off and the cells die or deteriorate. These Pressure Sore Treatment may develop due to the internal factors of the patient and also to the external factors of the surroundings. Internal factors that cause a patient to develop pressure ulcers may be the mobility problems, age, bowel and urinary incontinence, certain health conditions, serious mental health problems and poor nutrition. External factors are the pressure created due to the hard surface of bed or wheelchair cushions, moisture, involuntary muscle movements, etc.,

The wheelchair cushions the are designed to combat with pressure ulcers and sores are foam cushions, gel cushions, air or dry floatation cushions, urethane honeycomb cushions and alternating pressure cushions. Foam cushions have developed a lot in recent times. Thye have built in memory pads to hold the shape and thus provide you more stability. These are inexpensive but can wear down fast. Gel cushions act as the replacement for atrophied muscle tissue providing the same support and consistency to your body.

One of the latest developments in pressure cushions are the urethane honeycomb cushions. They contain numerous individual cells like beehives so that they are capable of equal weight distribution, support and comfort. The multiple layers on these cushions allow the patient to sink comfortably enjoying the softness and at the same time supported by the strong deeper layers. Creating alternate pressure through air pumps in the cushions is the new technology developed innovatively for pressure relieving. These cushions are helpful in Pressure Sore Treatment .

We, at the Mayflower-medical, have designed and developed Theracomfort cushions, Therawave Dynamic air cushions and Theracomfort visco cushions for you to reduce your pain and to increase your comfort. All our pressure cushions have Therawave top surface with Dermagrade PU covers providing infection control, multi stretching capability to control shearing. They are 100% waterproof and fire retardant.

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