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3 Important Sessions For Couples Going Through Marriage coun

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Over the last couple of years there has been a lot of concern raised over the success rate of marriage counseling. Some statistics have cited lover success rate than drug and substance abuse therapy. This is obviously something that any couple seeking therapy will be concerned about given the high cost of this type of therapy.


However, these statistics are usually done from a very generalized point of view. They do not take into consideration the type of therapy the counselors are using. A good therapist has a clear procedure which he follows and will only use the most effective and up to date therapies. Here are a few types of sessions that the couple will have to go through.


Couple’s session

The couple has to go through an initial session at the beginning of the therapy to enable the therapist assess their situation. The counselor will try to ensure the couple open up and express their problems. It is at this point that goal setting takes place and the therapist determines what the best approach for the therapy will be.


Individual session

This is an important part of counseling especially if one of the partners also needs addictive behaviors counseling.  It has been established that a couple that seeks the help of a therapist should at some point attend sessions individually, to establish the unique problems that may be pulling them apart. Some couples may fail to open up, either because they are embarrassed to talk about a problem in the presence of their partners.


An individual therapy session is an option an individual may take, if one of the partners is unwilling to go for marriage counseling. By attending an individual session, he will get valuable advice on the best action to take and may be in a better position to convince the partner to join him or her in the therapy sessions.


Family therapy

Problems between couples are hardly limited to them only. The entire family is usually affected by the break up. If the couple has kids they will need to be also involved in the therapy as it is well known that it affects them psychologically.  The therapist may determine if the family therapy is important and how to go about it.

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