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Live from the console – Fresh music all the time

by PreetiJagwani

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Live from the console is an initiative that brings together local and new emerging acts. The artists perform live in a defunct room at Mehboob studios.

The music scene of India is increasing day by day. The amount of bands and artists that perform live are great in number. The new bands coming up in the city are quite unique and innovative with their music. The music scene is not like it used to be. A lot of musicians have been experimenting with the kind of music they play. Apart from the usual instruments such as guitar, piano, drums etc. artists are using other instruments such as the hangdrum, violins, cellos and many more. Bands have also begun to incorporate electronic sounds into their songs using samples and loops.

Music has now flown into another dimension altogether. Gone are the days where all music was straight-forward. Now music has a different meaning. Apart from the fact that artists need to compose music that is catchy and melodious, they also have to compose a song in their own unique way and style. There are some really innovative bands in the world. A band called Axis of Awesome is a band that covers many songs using just 4 chords. Bands such as Guns N' Roses have added electronica sounds and samples to their brand of good old rock n' roll. Indian bands such as Indus Creed have also incorporated a lot of electronic samples and loops in their songs giving their compositions another dimension.

Technology has played a big part in shaping today's new wave of music. There are a plethora of artists composing songs on different platforms and using new sounds. If you listen to bands such as Koop or Nouvelle Vague you can hear multiple elements used in their music. Their unique brand of music combines a lot of jazz, soul, reggae and electronic samples. Listening to bands such as these gives a great musical high. A lot of artists in the Electronic Dance Music genre use a lot of samples, loops and techniques to produce some insanely brilliant compositions. With the kind of new music wave thats been going on off late, people have a wide variety of music to listen to. Apart from the usual pop music, rock n' roll, reggae etc. there are other genres of music such as hip-hop, modern neo-classical, EDM, house, trance and many more are creating musical ripples all across the world.

Mumbai's favorite new music discovery event Live from the console is heading to South Goa to broaden its roots and keep the whole idea new music discovery alive. This time Live from the console is spread over two days (December 29th and 30th). The first day will comprise bands playing Indie rock and pop while the second day will feature singer-songwriters, reggae and dub acts. Live from the console in Goa will be more of a chilled out event away from the hustling crowds of Mumbai. Two days of good music and relaxation. This is one event that is not to be missed. Goa is the hottest destination this December and it just got better with Live from the console heading there.