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How to Install Cepek Wheels

by karimi

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Cepek Wheels make your car look stylish while at the same time giving it a personal touch. The Cepek Wheels come in different designs and types depending on your car and taste.  You will need a mechanic to install the wheels but you can also do it yourself at the comfort of your home. You just need a few basic tools and some simple instructions.

You will need the following tools: a flat screw driver, a jack, jack stands, thread tap or wire brush, a lug wrench and a torque wrench.

  1. Use a flat screw driver to remove the hub cap. Store it safely to prevent it from getting scratches.
  2. In a triangular pattern, loosen the lug nuts. Do not remove them completely. Use a jack to raise your vehicle and mount it on jack stands.  Remove the loosened lug nuts completely and remove the tire and wheel. Next to the exposed hub with lug studs, place the Cepek Wheel.
  3. If working with threaded lug bolts and they are burred, rusty or dirty, clean them using a thread tap. Avoid using oils or thread sealants. Ensure you use the correct tap for your threads to avoid ruining the lug bolts. In case you do not have a tap, use a wire brush.
  4. Lift the Cepek wheel over all the studs at the same time after lining up a hole in it. Slide the wheel into place.
  5. Use your foot to hold the bottom of the tire against the wheel hub.  Your toe should be under the tire to help hold it up. There is a threaded stud sticking through the wheel. This is where you place the first lug nut. Use your hand to turn the lug nut down as tightly as you can. If the Cepek wheel is too heavy for your foot, use a jack by lowering it and leaning the wheel beside the studs.
  6. Do the same for the other lug nuts, in no particular order. Make sure to tighten them as hard as you can by use of your hand.
  7. Use a lug wrench to tighten the lug nuts as tightly as you can. The size of the wrench depends on the car specifics. Turn the lug nuts one at a time, making sure not to over tighten. Over tightening the lug nuts causes the threads to stretch and weakens the studs. Premature failure could occur due to over tightening of the lug nuts.
  8. Work in a star pattern. Tighten the nut directly across the first one, followed by the one across the second one till you do all the nuts. The star pattern prevents the car from wobbling and loosening while driving.
  9. Remove the jack stands from the vehicle.  Tighten the bolts in a star pattern using a torque wrench. Confirm the rating for the recommended torque on your cars manual.  After driving for 50 to 100 miles re- torque the lug nuts. Always use the star pattern while doing the torque, this will help in case of loosening.
  10. Replace the hubcap making sure it’s secure and even. The Cepek Wheels are now ready for a drive.

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