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Simple steps to help you calculate the size of your metal ri

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Knowing the size of your rims is very important because it saves you a lot of problems during the fixing of new tires. Many people encounter problems while buying rims. They either buy rims that are too large or too small than the tires. This in return causes a lot of technical issues. It affects the functionality of the car and can even lead to early wear and tear of tires. This is why it becomes vital to know the size of your vehicle rims before setting out to purchase them.

It is very easy to determine the metal alloy rim size. But you have to follow some simple steps that will ensure that you take the correct measurements while buy wheels.

There are three main primary sizes of rims and you need to have knowledge on which fit your car and tires best. You need to determine the diameter, the width and the number of bolts on the wheel.

Check The Readings

The first most important thing is to check the measurement readings given on the rim by the company in which it was manufactured. The numbers are either stamped at the back of the rim or on the face of the wheel. The numbers are categorized into three. The first part gives the diameter, followed by the width and the last part which is normally in decimal point form, gives the pattern and size of the bolts. Sometimes it gets hard to get the readings from the wheel especially if it has been painted. This means that the numbers are hidden and cannot be visible.

If the readings are invisible, follow the following steps to calculate the size of the metal alloy rim.

Get the measurements

  • Using the tape measure, get the diameter of the rim by measuring the distance from the back of the rim’s edge to the edge of the rim on the other side. Take the readings and note them down. This is the diameter.
  • The width is determined by taking measurements at the widest point of the rim. Take the tape measure again and determine the distance of the rim from the inner edge of one side of the rim where the tire rests straight across to the other inner edge. The thickness of the metal rim lips is not included. With this measurement, you have the width of the rim.
  • Next, determine the pattern and the size of the bolts. This will be useful in helping you to know the position and the number of mounting holes during the attachment of the wheel to the hub. To determine the bolt pattern of the rim, get the number of studs on the rim.  When you take the number of the studs and find that they are in even numbers of either, 4, 6 or 8, using the tape measure, take the center distance between two studs that are directly opposite each other. This is the bolt pattern diameter.

If the number of the studs is odd, like 5 or 7, take the distance between two studs that are across the hub from each other and multiply the result by 1.05 if the number of studs is 5 and 1.03 if the number of studs is 7. This gives you the bolt pattern and size.

Note all these measurements down in the order of the diameter, the width and finally the bolt pattern and size. Then carry the paper in your search for new rims. With these you are assured of buying the right rims to fit your car and tires.

See! It’s as simple as that, but saves you from future problems. All the best in measuring the size of your metal alloy rims!

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