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Change-Pro® for Excel enables business users to compare two Excel documents for changes. With Change-Pro® for Excel' s patent-pending technology, users can view changes made to Excel values and Excel formulas, along with comparing row and column changes in spreadsheets.

Finance professionals, lawyers, accountants and other business persons use Change-Pro® for Excel as an indispensible tool to save time, increase productivity and improve quality.

Move past the tedium of manual comparison of Excel spreadsheets with Change-Pro® for Excel.
Product Benefits:

Compare value and formula changes, including changes to formulas that didn't result in changes in values, along with formulas auto-adjusted by Excel due to additions or deletions of rows, columns or cells.  

Format & rendering options allow you to select how changes are shown. For example, you can choose to use cell highlighting or a text color change to depict a deletion or addition.  view all benefits

Compare Excel Spreadsheets and Workbooks:

Change Pro® for Excel allows users to compare two Excel documents and view a redline, or the differences, between two documents including values and formula changes.

The comparison bar allows users to select an original and a modified version of a spreadsheet and compare those two spreadsheets.... More

Compare Spreadsheet Formulas :

Formula changes can be difficult to spot and comprehend. Change-Pro® for Excel provides users with a redline of the formula change to clearly view the difference. .. More Details
Compare Changes:

When viewing changes, Change-Pro® for Excel users can select what type of changes they would like to see. This allows users the ultimate in flexibility; users can view all changes or select to view only a certain type of change....  More Details
About  Litéra:

Litéra is next-generation leader in document lifecycle management with products for document creation and automation, document comparison (including the comparison of Office 2010 documents), Excel comparison, PDF printing, PDF editing (including Bates numbering, redaction, appending and splitting and much more), metadata removal (including metadata cleaning of blackberries, metadata cleaning of smartphones and metadata cleaning of webmail) ... More Details
Contact Us :

Corporate Headquarters - United States 

5000 Crossmill Rd.
McLeansville, NC 27301
Tel: 336.375.2991
Fax: 336.375.2921


United Kingdom Office

Tel: 01923 247707

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