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Yorkie Puppies for Sale!

by Matthewsteven

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With changing times, dogs are now no more mere companions but have also become fashion accessories. In fact, many women carry them in their back packs or purses. Even though they are adorable, but still the potential owners must remember that when they are searching for yorkie puppies for sale in Michigan, they should also know what all is involved when caring for a pet. We are providing few tips that will help you learn ways on how to handle and take care of pets once they are at home.


You must remember that you cannot feed the same food you eat to your pet. You may not know when you were searching for yorkie puppies for sale in Michigan how vital a good food regimen is for your pet's health. You should feed your dog special age-appropriate dog food that provides complete nutrition to your canine friend.

Puppy proofing

Caring for puppy is similar to caring for a newborn baby. Therefore, it is necessary to secure all your items that you puppy could get into. For example, things such as insect sprays, cleansers, or detergents can be dangerous for Yorkie puppies for sale.

Therefore, make sure that they are out of their reach. If you have kids, you should keep all toys away as puppy could choke on them. If fact, you should pick up everything on floor. Aside from this, it is important that you don't let your puppy out of sight for too long. It may slip out from open door or window, which may even lead to serious injuries to your puppy.


Like all other dogs, yorkie should also learn where it should go to relieve himself. Mostly, dog's carte is best way to house train your yorkie. However, you must also understand that training is quite tedious, but it is important for you to stay consistent and use only positive reinforcement. You should never frighten your dog as this will do more harm than good.

Are Yorkies good with kids?

Basically yorkies are terriers, and terriers are not only independent but intelligent as well. Yorkie puppies for sale are also courageous and act much bigger than they actually are. Mostly yorkies bark at strangers but ultimately it depends how you teach them.

Originally from England, yorkies were specifically bred for killing rats in the confined spaces. Any animal that is cornered in a confined area often fights back. So it needs great deal of courage to pursue such animals. Yorkies are that kind of dogs.

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