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The iPad as a hand-held darkroom

by ccierstraining

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Over the years, I've fallen in love with more cameras than women.
In the late 1990s, after college, I was in and out of relationships with dozens of film cameras:

Pentax, Canon, Nikon, Minolta. I snapped so many photos that I ended up building a 5-by-6-foot darkroom in the corner of my living room in Brooklyn.FXI first unveiled their new Android powered Cotton Candy mini usb sticks sized PC almost a year ago, and shipping was expected to commence during May of this year. There, under the glow of a dim red light, standing amid long,Find detailed product information for New mould usb sticks from 2GB to 16GB available and other products from us. dark strips of film, I spent countless hours mixing pungent chemicals and developing and printing photographs.

I have since retired most of my film cameras. Now, my camera bag is all digital, and my darkroom is 7 inches wide and 9.5 inches long: an Apple iPad.

The chemicals I once used have been replaced by a tiny, white USB connector that allows me to connect any digital camera and pull my photos into the iPad in a matter of seconds. What inspired me to jump from film to digital was immediacy or impatience, depending how you look at it. In the old days, I'd have to finish a roll of film, get home, develop it, wait, then wait some more. With digital, you snap a picture and there it is, like magic, on the back of your digital camera. With the iPad as a darkroom, it's also editable immediately.

Editing your photos on an iPad instead of a conventional laptop also means you can carry one device fewer on your travels. Although most applications on the iPad will shrink the size and therefore the quality of your images when you import them, there are apps that can deal with full-size images.If your watch can be also to preload files and photo, are you surprised? As usb flash drive supplier, HengJia design and produce the following watches usb sticks with watch. You can even connect wirelessly to printers intended to work with the iPad.

For older iPads with a 30-pin connection, Apple sells the $29 Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. It comes with two connectors that plug directly into the iPad's base. One has a USB cable slot, which works with almost any camera, and the other has a slot for SD memory cards.
There are also many less expensive third-party connectors, including a 2-in-1 Camera Connection Kit ($10) available from Amazon.If you want to Buy Rosetta Stone Spanish software program, you should make sure to read reviews before you make a final decision.

The cables for newer iPads, with the lighting connector, are overpriced, with each connector costing a hefty $30.

To transfer the photos from your camera, you plug a connector into the base of your iPad, connect your camera with a USB cord, then turn the camera on. The iPad will detect that the device is connected and allow you to select which images you would like to import. It's quicker than a Polaroid.

The immediacy of digital has pushed photographers to want to edit their photos and then share them right away. A number of applications allow you to do this, some free and some costing as much as $20.

SnapSeed ($5) is an app made specifically for multi-touch photo-editing. Sliding your finger up and down on the screen will allow you to alter the image, changing the contrast, brightness or saturation. A feature called Selective Adjust allows you to drag little adjustable pointers all over a picture to tweak the lighting in specific areas.

Apple's own iPhoto application ($5) for the iPad also has some advanced features. You can apply filters, turning a color photo into a sepia or "vintage" image.Do you like twist usb sticks?I guess some people like them,others are not. If you're in a rush, "auto-enhance" will try to improve the image for you. There are also brushes that pop out from the bottom of the screen, making your iPad feel like a painter's palette. These can be used to remove red-eye and soften or sharpen an image.

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