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Five Quick and Easy Steps to Kitchen Renovation

by DarrenLois

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Kitchen is the most vital part of any house, as the substance called food that provides us sustenance is made here. Before undertaking the enterprise of kitchen renovation, the most important point to be borne in mind is that this place must have ample light and air. The planning should also take account of the comfort and problems which the person who cooks can face, so that cooking becomes a pleasurable experience and not drudgery. The kitchen renovation plan should start taking into account the cost of it.

Now-a-days kitchen comes in different sizes and shapes, which poses greater challenges to the interior designers and also serves to increase its appeal. You will be offered a wide array of choices when you go to purchase appliances, cabinets and surfacing materials. If you are ready to spend some extra bucks, you will be offered the privilege of custom made cabinets, which again comes with varied choices. So if you are sulking over the small space provided for your kitchen, get over your gloom right now, as interior designers are ready to tackle that problem with the help of space-saving arrangements for your kitchen. At first you should take a closer look at your familiar kitchen and try to visualize the changes you desire to bring in your kitchen. No matter what type of kitchen updating plan you have in your mind, the basic recommendations made below will come handy in all kinds of renovation-related situations:

1. The elements that will bear most of the tortures of the kitchen area will be the floor and cabinets, so special care should be taken while selecting floor and cabinet materials. As the kitchen will witness a lot of foot traffic, so the floor should be made of long-lasting and durable materials.  Porcelain tile could prove to be a wise choice in this case. While selecting cabinet materials, wood surface cabinets could prove to be a good choice in the long run. If you want to redecorate your old cabinets, you can opt for painting or staining them.

2. It is considered to be a smart move to plan your lighting accommodation ahead of time. If not, then you might need to bring in electricians once again costing you some extra bucks. The same applies to stove and sink, as working on them all over again might be costly.

3. Before going on a shopping spree for your kitchen, we would suggest you to visit a number of shops of appliances and cabinet designers to compare their estimations and also to read user reviews. You can also expect to be provided with some discounts if you purchase all the necessary things from the same shop.

4. Choosing the right material for your countertop is a crucial issue, as they are available in different kinds of materials and textures. Formica can be a good choice but it runs the risk of giving a cheap feel to a high end kitchen, so we would advise you to go for Granite or Corian countertops. As for the backsplash, the choice is provided among glass, ceramic and metal tiles. These tiles are not only decorative but also act as a protective shield for the kitchen walls.

5. While overhauling your kitchen, you should install pull-out drawers rather than reach-in drawers. Ventilation arrangements should also not be ignored and to facilitate this, chimneys can be installed.

 The above mentioned tips can be very useful for the homeowners who are thinking of opting for a complete kitchen overhaul, so put the tips to use and see the wonders they work for you.


Author Info:  Darren Lois is an interior designer working with a reputed interior designing firm in California. He provides some useful tips on kitchen renovation, interior designing, kitchen and bathroom re-modeling projects.

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