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Braces for Teens Suggested by Your Dentist in White Plains

by landonheath

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More children, from different age groups, seem to be more aware about their look. All this thanks to TV shows, such as Gossip Girl, that portray lovely and trendy teens in New York. And having an ideal smile is one of the things these young adults tend to obsess about.

While there are a few who get braces when they're currently adults, many choose to get it over and done with during their teenage years. Unlike in the past, getting braces doesn't immediately suggest that you'll have to use metal wires on your teeth. Prior to seeing an orthodontic dentist in White Plains, here's just what you should understand about the different kinds of braces that you can pick from.

The most conventional type of braces is made of stainless steel. Compared to the newer selections, this choice is the most reasonable and most practical. Pearly whites are aligned using metal brackets connected to a major wire, which are secured by elastic rubber bands. There are also stainless braces that do away with these elastics. Such braces use self-ligating brackets.

For those who want braces that don't attract attention as much as metal ones, ceramic braces are a great alternative. These braces come in white so they blend well with teeth's natural color. The only downside of using ceramic is that it stains easily and may not be strong enough for serious orthodontic conditions.

A different choice for teens who are mindful about their teeth's appeal is lingual braces. These metal braces are fitted behind the teeth to make them less visible. They are required to be worn for a longer time period compared with conventional braces. Like ceramic braces, people with extreme orthodontic conditions may not be able to select this choice.

The last and most current kind of braces are Invisalign braces. This sort of braces uses removable plastic aligners instead of wires and brackets. This choice is only good for people who already have their second molars. To discover more about these choices, contact your dentist in White Plains NY today. If you wish to do extra reading on getting braces, go to or

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