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All You Need to Know About Explosion Proof Equipment

by meridianelectricinc

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Knowing the basics
Any operation that is carried out at a hazardous location calls for the use of specially-designed equipment. A hazardous location is one that has a significant concentration of dust, flames, or vapors. Each of these components can lead to major accidents if left unchecked. Thus, the use of explosion proof equipment is important in hazardous locations.

It all begins with identifying the right source from where one can procure such equipment. Once the equipment has been procured, installing this equipment in the right manner and at the right location is vital. The next important factor to consider is regular checks and maintenance to ensure that the equipment continues to stay in top form. If any lapse in safety standards or performance is detected, the product should be replaced immediately.

What are the risks?
Certain electrical equipments have the potential to set off an explosion when exposed to flammable gases or fumes. For instance, when a regular electric switch is switched on, it creates a small spark that we don’t often notice. However, in the event of a gas leakage, even the smallest spark can lead to disastrous consequences. Another example would be a textile factory where the ambient atmosphere comprises a large amount of flammable fibers. These could combust when exposed to an open flame or highly heated surface. There are several such circumstances that make a strong case for the use of explosion proof equipment.

How is this equipment different?
There are several ways in which explosion proof equipment is different from the regular domestic equipment that most of us are familiar with. It is important to minimize the use of electrical equipment at hazardous locations. When such equipment is used, it must have a protective cover or enclosure. These enclosures are often filled with inert gases in order to prevent the chances of explosions. Explosion proof components should be installed at a safe location. All of these factors determine the fashion in which such products are manufactured. These particular products also have other safety features such as fire-proof wiring. The safety standards that govern the manufacture and installation of fire proof equipment differ from country to country.

Procuring explosion proof equipment
An accident could occur as a result of using substandard electrical equipment at hazardous locations. There are several serious liabilities associated with such accidents. Such incidents can also leave a severe dent in the image and reputation of an organization. The easiest way to steer clear of such situations is by investing in high quality explosion proof equipment. There are a number of reputable manufacturers that offer a wide variety of equipment for use in hazardous locations. These products can be easily procured from a distributor that stocks brands such as Hubbell Killark, GE, CHM, Venture Lighting, and so on.

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