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Transvaginal Tape Surgery

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Tension-Free vaginal tape surgery, generally called as transvaginal tape surgery is done on some women for treating the condition of stress urinary incontinence. Even though, the recovery time after this surgery differs from one patient to another, some general exercises and guidelines will be issued by the medical care providers to their patients and some of them are discussed in the content given below:

Leaving the hospital: Professional medical care providers, who have good experience in performing TVT procedure on patients, say that generally the recovery time after conducting this surgery on most of the women would be two to three hours and patients are discharged on the same night. But, some women are made to stay for one night after the procedure. Normally, patients will be discharged to their homes once the vaginal bleeding and discomfort after the surgical procedure comes under control and as soon the patient is able to urinate as usual.

Simple exercises: On the next day of the surgery, the patients are recommended to do some simple exercises like walking. After a day or two, they are recommended to do some kegel exercises in such a way that their vaginal and pelvic muscles are strengthened. However, here women should be careful and if they feel some discomfort or fatigue during exercising, they should immediately stop and should scale back their exercise regime and should try to increase the time spent on exercising slowly and gradually.
Heavy exercises: Generally, health care providers recommend that patients, who have recently undergone their transvaginal tape surgery, will have to go for heavy exercises only after several weeks. They say that women should at least wait for two weeks before swimming and minimum of four weeks before running. After six weeks, they can involve in strenuous sporting activities that too only after obtaining prior permission from their health care providers.

Complete recovery: Full recovery time varies from one patient to another and only the health care provider can say whether his/her patient has fully recovered. Mostly women return to their regular work schedule after two weeks of surgery; however longer recovery time will be required for women, who have jobs that require longer hours of standing and heavy lifting jobs.

The above-mentioned time limits are commonly applicable; however only the professional medical care provider, who has performed the TVT procedure, can tell when their patient will be in a position to engage in their day to day activities after completion of surgery after ascertaining her improvement.

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