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Various Types of Tampa Roof Cleaning Gear

by linokosters

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When roof cleaning comes to mind, the very first tool you'll require is a pressure washer. In just a few passes, high-pressure water can get dust, muck, as well as mildew from those hard-to-reach spots. But be careful about using pressure washers in Tampa roof cleaning, though; poor usage could do more harm than good.

Since moss and mold often stick like epoxy on a lot of roof covering materials, you need a washer with a little more oomph. Pressure washers can easily serve up water at more (or less) than 2,500 psi, sufficient enough to flush the mold and moss from their sticky hiding places. However Tampa roof clean-up services understand enough to utilize such gadgets with care; use excessive psi and it might end up harming the roofing.

Water brooms

Aside from a water hose, roofing system cleaners even like to utilize a water broom to scuff gunk on roofs more effectively. A water broom is a bar with 2 tires on both ends and a number of nozzles put along the steel bar, which is attached to a long handle. At about four pounds, water brooms can dish out water at 4,000 psi. The long handle permits the customer to clean particular (steeper) roofing systems where he could blast on the roof incline from a more secure point on the ground.

To operate, the cleaner will need to manually lead the water broom in a straight line, usually along a straight column. Cleansing 400 square feet of surface may take half an hour, but time will depend on the area to be cleansed. However, on especially pitched roof coverings, at least he does not have to climb up the roofing while making use of the water broom.

Surface cleaner

An even more innovative tool for Clearwater roof cleaning is the surface cleaner, which seems like a flying saucer on four wheels. At 27 pounds, the surface cleaner can serve up water at 3,600 psi, a little bit lesser compared to the typical pressure washer. It covers more roofing area compared to a water broom; but due to its weight, the cleaner needs to climb up the roofing as well as lower the apparatus carefully. The width of the surface cleaner may be adjusted to deal with even more roof covering during cleaning.

You can consider the different roofing washers that cleaners utilize by going to for an excellent reference overview. Contrary to popular belief, with appropriate usage, pressure washers can rarely dent your roofing system.

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