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Dear Delicates: Bikini Panties, Et Al.

by tedjuhl

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There’s a common perception that women’s minds and moods change as quickly as fashion trends surface and face. Aware of this, lingerie makers make sure that they carry different kinds of undergarments to complement a woman's fluctuating frame of mind, and the articles of clothing she decides on wearing. Regardless of the occasion, lingerie designers state that types of undies discussed below are essentials for ladies:

The Playful Bikinis

Give in to your sassy, flirty, and fun side by using sexy bikini panties that are offered in a medley of materials, such as cotton, silk, or lace, as well as styles to fit a broad range of body types. One of the most prominent selections of this underwear option is the low-rise kind which goes together well with jeans and your favorite dress. Bikini panties provide comfort with adequate coverage, but hang low on the waist to ensure that the garment is totally out of sight when worn.

The Nude

It seems that nude colors have crossed over from sophisticated manicures to women’s underwear. Thanks to the sheer trend of 2012, women found nude and seamless thongs to be an important part of their wardrobe. Nude undergarments are what you need underneath white pants or leggings, carrying out their function while staying undetectable.

The Statement Undies

You do not have to go on an "undie run" to get a pair of statement undies. Sometimes, they're simply there to make you smile or to offer a good laugh in the bedroom. Who would not be even somewhat amused with lines like: "Down with Panties" or "Ready to Party"?

The Comfy and Cute

Note that stylish plus size panties could be comfy too. Comfortable and adorable underwear are manufactured from breathable materials like cotton. They can be dolled up with frills and ribbons and frequently come in cheerful colors. These are your go-to undies when you want to loosen up and have to be as comfortable as you can get—like when approaching a deadline or cramming for a test.

You might be the only one who knows just what undies you're using but the confidence it provides reflects in how you move and carry yourself. When you collect every type of undergarment for each state of mind you can possibly have, you can be prepared for anything. For even more tips and information, you can go to


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