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Mineral Processing Plant Requirements for Flotation Machine

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Flotation machine is equipment that directly finishes the flotation process, in flotation process, flotation-cell.html">flotation separator inflatable, mixes for the prepared slurry; particles selectively attached the bubble, so as to achieve separation of minerals from gangue. According to the mineralization of flotation industrial experience, bubble theory and study on the hydrodynamics of flotation, we make the following basic requirements for flotation machine:
(1)For the modern flotation machine, achieving the automation of mineral processing plant needs that the flotation machine works reliable, components have long working life, and the flotation machine control device must have a program simulation and remote control capability.
(2)Stirring. Particles in the pulp is in suspending state, there should be appropriate and uniform mixing, and maintain ore particle size and chemical tank highly fragmented state. In addition, mixing can lead to the contact and adhesion between particles and foam, which is helpful for the dissolving and dispersing of insoluble pharmaceuticals.
(3)Bubbles can form a relatively stable area. Bubbles can form a certain thickness on the slurry surface. Mineralization of mineral foam layer can strand purpose minerals, and make part of the inclusion of gangues from foam shedding in order to facilitate the "secondary enrichment". You can adjust the level of pulp, and control the flow within the pulp in flotation machine and thickness of the foam layer.
(4) It can continuously work and easy to adjust. Industrial use of flotation machines must have continuous grant mining, scraping bubbles and discharge to ensure continuous service. There is component that adjusts the level of pulp, foam thickness and pulp flow speed of body.
(5) Good oxygenation. It must inhale to the pulp or push enough air and produce a lot of moderate size bubbles, bubbles should be evenly dispersed throughout in a flotation tank. The better the performance  of aeration is, the better the air diffusion will be, the more even distribution of bubbles is, the better performance of the flotation machine will be, the more opportunities that particles contact with bubbles.  

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