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Bioinformatics Market Outlook to 2015

by anonymous

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During the past decade, the bioinformatics market has significantly evolved across the globe on back of rising genomics industry. The increasing application of genomics in biotech and pharmaceutical research and development has created a huge commercial market for bioinformatics worldwide. As per our latest research report’s estimation, the global bioinformatics market, which reached the mark of around US$ 3 Billion in 2010, will expand at a CAGR of around 25% during 2012-2015 as the declining cost of human genome sequencing and increasing public and private sector investment will give a significant boost to the industry.

According to “Bioinformatics Market Outlook to 2015”, the content market that includes specialized and generalized databases was the biggest segment of the global bioinformatics industry in 2010, followed by analysis software & services and IT infrastructure. As per our analysis, the software segment is likely to exhibit strong performance in future, improving its share in the overall market. On the other hand, content/database market will suffer the downturn due to the increasing popularity of innovative analysis software. We have also discussed in the report how the free databases would impact the sales of the paid ones.

Our report analyzed the wide application of bioinformatics in genomics, proteomics and pharmacogenomics. A further in-depth study of the market revealed that genome studies have completely transformed cancer research in the past few years and oncology has become the leading therapeutic area supported by bioinformatics. We also observed that small firms in the field are opting for outsourcing route to expand their presence. The other key trends and drivers pushing the market have also been elaborated in the comprehensive research study.

The market has witnessed the launches of key bioinformatics products and services in various areas, and we have evaluated these on the basis of their companies and countries in our report. The research includes country-level analysis and looks into the recent developments that may impact the industry’s future performance in a significant manner. By providing a brief profile of key market players like Accelrys and Affymetrix and evaluating their recent activities in the study, we have presented the industry’s competitive landscape. Overall, the report aims at providing an in-depth knowledge about the global bioinformatics market to clients and investors.

Table Of Contents

1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. Key Industry Trends and Drivers
3.1 Increasing Bioinformatics R&D Efforts by Players
3.2 Strategic Collaborations Aimed at Enhancing Innovations
3.3 Financial Support by Governments Strengthening Bioinformatics Research
3.4 Oncology Research - Leading Therapeutic Area Being Aided by Bioinformatics
3.5 Small Firms Enlarging Presence through Bioinformatics Outsourcing
3.6 IT and Internet Growth Boosting Usage of Bioinformatics Tools
4. Market Overview
4.1 By Segment
4.1.1 Analysis Software & Services
4.1.2 Content/Database
4.1.3 IT Infrastructure
4.2 By Application
4.2.1 Genomics
4.2.2 Proteomics
4.2.3 Pharmacogenomics
5. Prominent Country Profile
5.1 US
5.2 UK
5.3 Japan
5.4 India
5.5 China
5.6 South Korea
5.7 Taiwan
5.8 Singapore
5.9 Australia
6. Recently Commercialized Products and Services
7. Key Players
7.1 Accelrys, Inc.
7.2 Affymetrix, Inc.
7.3 Compugen Ltd.
7.4 IBM Life Sciences
7.5 Kinexus

List of Figures:

Figure 4-1: Global - Cost of Genome Sequencing (US$), 1990 to 2015
Figure 4-2: Global - Bioinformatics Market (Billion US$), 2010-2015
Figure 4-3: Global - Bioinformatics Market by Segment (%), 2010
Figure 4-4: Global - Analysis Software & Services Market (Million US$), 2010-2015
Figure 4-5: Global - Content Market (Million US$), 2010-2015
Figure 4-6: Global - IT Infrastructure Market (Million US$), 2010-2015
Figure 4-7: Global - Bioinformatics IT Infrastructure Market by Segment (%), 2010
Figure 4-8: Global - DNA Sequencing Market (Billion US$), 2010-2015
Figure 4-9: Global - Proteomics Market (Billion US$), 2010-2015
Figure 4-10: Global - Pharmacogenomics Market by Segment (%), 2009
Figure 5-1: UK - Bioinformatics Market (Million US$), 2010-2015
Figure 5-2: India - Bioinformatics Market (Billion INR), 2010-2015
Figure 5-3: South Korea - Bioinformatics Market (Million US$), 2010-2015

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