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Cheap music - Looking For This?

by mp3caprice

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Mp3 is an audio format, designed by a Franghofer Motion Picture Expert Group (or MPEG, for short) with Karzlein Brandenburg as a leading director. The work was based on an experimental codec, called Adaptive Spectral Perceptual Entropy Coding (or ASPEC). The first program that successfully coded mp3 was L3Enc, introduced in summer 1994. A year after the first program mp3 player was released, and it was called – Winplay3. During the creation of the algorithm tests were made on certain popular compositions. Indeed, the song that was most experimented on is called Susan Vega - Tom’s Dinner. Due to this fact there were many jokes that the mp3 format was designed by Brandenburg so he could listen to his favorite song more convenient. Nowadays it is the best audio format if you’re looking for cheap music.


Format description

In this format the sound is being coded on a frequency basis and the support of stereo is also available.Read more articles from this author: <a href=""></a>. The mp3 format is not flawless as it is received as a result of compression. Such compression comes with some losses as some part of sonic information, which according to psychoacoustic model of human ear, can’t be received, or is received by few. Such pieces are deleted from the record completely. The level of compression can be varied within a single file. The range of possible bitrates is 8-320 kb/s. Just for comparison, the data stream from common Audio CD equals to 1411.2 kb/s with frequency of discretion – 44100 Hz.


Mp3 and Audio CD

There is an opinion that mp3 file, recorded in bitrate 128 kb/s, is great for listening to, it is designed for convenient listening and it can provide quality equal to Audio-CD. Well, the whole thing is really complicated. First of all, the quality of the received mp3 file depends on a coding program, not just bitrate. Secondly, besides the prevailing CBR mode (during which every second of audio file is coded with the same number of bytes), there are other modes – ABR and VBR, which have a dynamic bitrate, providing better sound quality. Thirdly, the limit of 128 kb/s is not the only one as it was designed at the “dawn” of the mp3 file format. Back in those days it was impossible to tell mp3 from high quality music due to low quality speakers, released back then. Get more details by visiting our website


Nowadays, the mp3 file format has become very popular due to its small size and great quality at the same time.And also add him to friends at <a href="">buy mp3</a>. Another great advantage is that it is very simple to transfer through the internet, so if you’re looking for some cheap music of good quality, then mp3 is surely the best choice.

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