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Importance of SWPPP Certification to Construction

by monicabarnes

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The construction industry is one of the main sources of stormwater runoff. It is inevitably released to different bodies of water carrying sediments and other chemical contaminants that are harmful to the natural sources of water. Because of this, it is important for construction professionals like engineers and architects to take an SWPPP certification course. Here are the other reasons.

Compliance with the Law. Different states have varying laws regarding proper stormwater management. Certification courses familiarize construction professionals with the latest management regulations of the state and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). Permits are granted to those who have taken the course. It is important to meet the terms and conditions of the law to avoid unnecessary stoppage of construction projects.

Development of SWPPP. Web-based or online SWPPP certification courses will educate individuals to prepare and develop Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans or SWPPP. The course deals with the basics of erosion and sediment control and pollution prevention. It also covers stormwater management essentials like proper installation and maintenance, including inspection of management practices. By the end of the course, individuals can prepare and develop an SWPPP complete with the necessary documents.

Trains and Certifies Construction Professionals. These certification courses train and certify construction professionals like civil and environmental engineers, landscape architects, and construction site managers. Individuals will understand how stormwater management works, allowing them to make better and informed decisions. The certification will help people in the construction industry to implement effective Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans.

Protects the Environment. A Stormwater training and certification course benefits the construction industry and the environment as well. The development of an SWPPP will allow construction professionals to properly install and maintain stormwater management systems. As an effect, natural sources of water like streams and rivers are protected from pollution through contaminants found in stormwater runoffs.

Stormwater runoff from construction sites is the main cause of water pollution in streams and rivers. Construction professionals are encouraged to take SWPPP certification courses to learn proper stormwater management. The stormwater training and certification will benefit both the business and the environment. Learn more about stormwater management by visiting

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