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Four Maintenance Guidelines for Energy-saving Ball Mill

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     With the continuous construction of large dressing equipment manufacturers, large coal field, and large cement companies, they put forward greater demands for ball mill device, on the road of the development, customers need more equipment with big processing capacity, high grinding efficiency, safe and reliable operation. The biggest advantages of the energy saving ball mill produced by Henan Hongxing lie in its stability and durability. Henan Hongxing, as one of ball mill equipment manufacturers, ushers in a large number of domestic and international customers by its excellent advanced technology, high efficiency and energy saving features and perfect after-sales.
The four maintenance criteria in the use of energy-saving ball mill:
1. Keep the gear motor clean, timely adjusts and tight loose parts avoid the parts’ wear by loosening parts or result in loss of parts.
2. Select reasonable lubricants; especially the rotor for reducing speed and power more than 11KW should be input gear oil. Note that check the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, cooling liquids, oil level and quality, and check the tightness of machine. Check if you find oil is too little, should analyze the reasons. At the same time, energy-saving ball mill lubrication points should be strengthened, suggest that during the break-in period, adding grease on lubrication points every week (except special requirements). For the vertical reducer with oil pump you should pay attention to rotational direction when connect to power, clockwise rotation is correct.
3. When the run-in period is over, you should make maintenance for machine, and do the check and adjustment work for energy-saving ball mill, bearing in mind that the replacement of oil.
4. The balance axis of energy saving ball mill is not in line with that of deceleration machine, its produced causes is that when installed lining plate, you do not make the second grouting, or after the second grouting anchor bolt is not tightened solidly, and turn mill tube body with winch, and led the displacement of mill tube body, and two axis is not on one line, which makes vibration after reducer rotator drives mill. Treatment methods: resize, make a ball mill grinding machine axis and axis of reducer on the same line in the same plane.

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