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The Change of Working Mode of Open-pit Coal Mine

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At present, in the development of industry, oil is called "industrial blood" of industry, coal was known as the "industrial food", thereby raising the status of the coal mining industry in the national economy.
     However, with the development and progress of science and technology, China's coal industry shifted from labor-intensive to capital-and technology-intensive. On the basis of comprehensive mechanized coal of process and production, we develop to the direction of remote control and automation, robotics and artificial intelligence and expert system combined together, which has opened up new avenues for mining automation.
     At this point, the hongxing heavy industry science and technology limited company grasp the opportunity, carefully developed new equipment –mobile crushing station, that is used for open-pit mine and construction waste disposal. Its integrated structure and freedom-driven system significantly reduces covering are and unnecessary damage caused by constant devices moving, which reduces investment costs and added advantages for the development of open-pit mine.
     As we all know, in recent years, the open-pit coal mine enterprises continued to grow, it requires more technology in the production and management, and the kinds of machinery products market needs are increasing and changing. Crushing and screening equipment, as necessary machinery for coal mining industry, with the development of science and technology, has become increasingly rich and perfect.
In order to address the problems that open-pit coal mine occupys large area and equipment is easy to move, hongxing heavy industry science and technology accumulated more than 20 years of experience in research and production, and the painstaking research of the most crushing machinery expert, they have build a world class boutique-hydraulic driven crawler-type mobile crushing plant, it is featured by a flexible operation and good stability.
     Welcome to our company and select the equipment you need, we will win your faith depending on our first rate quality.

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