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Alternative Communication Systems

by obrientechnologies

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Speak your mind through technology: The age of Augmentative Communication Devices is here

In this world where communicating holds paramount importance, the very idea of inability to communicate is down right scary. And in this day and age when one is exposed to hi-tech communication mediums, one’s inability to communicate can turn one into a social outcast or misfit. However we have individuals who for some reason have been marred by this inability to communicate and express in terms of vocals. This inability can be due to many reasons however the effect it has on the people suffering it can be very profound.

With the new cutting edge technology humankind has reached another milestone and conquered another frontier which posed as a hurdle to many who suffered from speech disorders or inability. All thanks to the Augmentative Communication Devices pioneered by Obrien Technologies, one has an array of products and services that can be customized and used very effectively to communicate with others.

The sheer variety of the devices created by Obrien Technologies is amazing. On one hand one can use a speech output – which is a digital version of human voice and on the other hand you can convert text into speech.

Not just text and voice, the messages can be created using graphic symbols and photographs. Yes it was right when you heard a picture was worth a thousand words. For example, a picture of toilet can be interpreted as “I need to use the bathroom”.

With these Augmentative Communication Devices one has the liberty to try various combinations of text, speech, pictures and symbols to communicate better. Dan O'Brien, the man behind is absolutely fantastic concept and product can expect to rise and take a standing ovation at any forum for the noble and wonderful use of technology which will touch, change many lives for good.

So depending upon your convenience you can your touch or use switches to use the device to communicate with rest of the world. And the world will listen to what you have to say. After all you would be the one with the most technologically advanced gizmo in the room.


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