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Owning a Dog: How It Can Affect Renters Insurance in Calgary

by barrybates

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You are among the enlightened individuals who know that a renter's insurance can one day be your hero. Last year, your insurance plan proved its value when your neighbor tripped on a badly installed carpet in your apartment and fell. Your insurance company paid for the medical expenses for your neighbor's sprained ankle and you're all praises.

Things may turn sour between you and your insurance company, however, if you opt to get a dog. At least theoretically, all dogs have a natural impulse to bite and would certainly cost insurers money if they bite people. Hence, some insurance firms refuse to insure pet dogs at all. So before you carry a fluffy one back home, consult with your Calgary renters insurance provider to inquire about dog insurance.

The good news is that a lot of insurance companies still agree to insure pet dogs. Even so, if you are bent on buying a pit bull, Doberman Pinscher, or Rottweiler, you might as well kiss your canine dreams adieu. These species, along with the German shepherd, the chow, the husky and a number of others, are regarded as high-risk and the majority of insurance providers refuse to cover them. You might have to change companies if your current one doesn't provide high-risk canine insurance.

If all you need is a mini pinscher or a Chihuahua, then you should be good. If ever they do attack people (although they are most likely satisfied with dog biscuits as well as slippers), you could rest assured your renters insurance policy has got you covered. Some plans cover damages to leased property brought on by dogs, so scrutinize this alternative if you're getting an especially frisky type.

Your insurer might also agree to include your pets' health and wellness along with any accidents that may affect them. Coverage amounts are versatile and deal with most items in veterinary charges. The best part of this offer is that your insurance firm might offer to toss this feature in at a reduced fee as part of multi-line insurance coverage. Ask what options your Calgary renters insurance company offers.

Some homes simply could not be without pet dogs. If yours is one of them, properly look at how the choice to keep one will affect your renter's insurance policy. To learn more on dog insurance, go to

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