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Causes of Zip File Corruption

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Zip is a popular file format, which is widely used in Microsoft Windows computers to compress the files. Microsoft Windows includes an in-built file compression utility, known as WinZip. When you compress a folder in Windows using WinZip utility, it compresses all the files and sub-folders in a particular folder. If a Zip file gets damaged due to any reason, like virus infection, application malfunction, Zip file structure corruption, and improper system shutdown, all the files in Zip archive become inaccessible. It leads to critical data loss situation, and require Zip Recovery to be sorted out.

Corruption of the Zip file can be a very horrifying situation, because a zip file mostly contains valuable information, which is required for various business operations. When a Zip file gets damaged, it can not be extracted and thus the stored files can not be accessed from it. Corruption of Zip file can be indicated by a number of symptoms, which include the below error message:

"Zip file structure invalid"

After the above error message, Zip file extraction process halts. In order to access your precious data in such cases, you need to find the exact cause of this issue and Repair Zip File by resolving the problem.

Grounds of the problem

  • You may face this problem due to any of the below reasons: The structure of Zip file is damaged. Zip file has a pre-defined structure, which contains various system files to compress and decompress data. When it gets damaged, the file can not be extracted and you get the above error message.
  • The file header is damaged. Every Zip file has a local file header, apart from data. This header is in charge of storing information of Zip file, such as file name, file size, and comments. The local headers are controlled by central directory that is stored at the end of Zip file. If this information gets damaged, you can not extract the Zip file. There is no way to rewrite the damaged header of Zip file.
  • In such critical situations, you need to restore the damaged Zip file from most recent backup. If the backup is not available, Zip repair software are required to repair and restore the damaged Zip file and extract inaccessible data from it. They Repair Zip archive in a quick, safe, easy, and absolute manner.

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