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An Englewood Dentist Can Help Restore Your Lovely Smile

by jerrifranceschi

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At some point in every Englewood citizen's lives, there were several circumstances when their smiles seemed much more undesirable than they originally visualized. Usually, these events were caused by severely discolored and ravaged teeth. Fortunately, the next time you see your reliable Englewood dentist, you could request for the following treatments to help you nail that fabulous smile.

Teeth discoloration is generally brought on by coffee, tea, soft drinks, drugs, or smoking cigarettes. To regain your pearly white smile, you could consult your dentist about teeth lightening. Also called teeth bleaching, this dental procedure corrects discoloration by eliminating the yellow or brown tarnish on the tooth's surface. It is normally done through the use of regular abrasives though exclusive whitening gels could be utilized for severely blemished teeth.

Metal or amalgam dental fillings, while incredibly reliable in sealing up the tooth, grow dark gradually, making it undesirably obvious to the bare eye. Because of this, composite resin fillings were created as an alternative to these standard fillings. This new filling closely looks like the normal color of the tooth, providing you a more natural-looking smile. Composite resin fillings are also a lot more long-lasting compared to other filling materials.

Crowns are custom-made fittings utilized to deal with badly shaped, severely ruined, decayed, or cracked teeth. Also known as caps, crowns are often made from acrylic or porcelain. These fittings are positioned over (cap) the seriously damaged tooth to reinforce its strength, sturdiness, and natural aesthetics.

If your tooth is badly stained, broken, or chipped, your dependable Englewood dentist could carry out dental bonding to repair it. In dental bonding, dental professionals place composite resin filling on both the back as well as the front of the tooth. Bonding is proven to lighten any type of discolorations, seal small spaces, and correct misaligned teeth.

Veneers are dental fittings utilized to address slightly crooked, tarnished, or cracked teeth; they even cover spaces between teeth. These fittings are thin layers constructed from porcelain or composite components that are cemented to the front of the tooth. Veneers may straighten out teeth misalignment without the problems of a brace. For more information, visit

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