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Know more about enterprise architecture & its importance

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These days’ enterprises are growing swiftly in business environment. Every organization is looking for efficiency in their business. In large enterprises, IT executives are working with the number of businesses to speed up the business objectives. Enterprise Architecture is on line with the businesses to increase the competency of the business. It helps the business understand the platform and products, strength and weakness and also to solve different issues. It translates business insights and needs to IT strategy and develops a relationship with the line of business executives. These enterprise architects assist IT industry to drive the initiatives and reach the business values. For many people, enterprise architecture looks like a stream of business in the IT industry to increase the business benefits.

Enterprise Architect (EA) is defined as the process where business strategy is translated in an effective way of enterprise. This is done by varying the communication, creation and improvement of the key requirements. It also improves the principles and models to describe the business evolution. It has a very good scope in IT industry; including processes and information technology of the enterprise and their association with the external environment. Enterprise architects support the business challenges of the organization and implement them in the business.       

Enterprise architecture has many frameworks like TOGAF, DoDAF, IAF and EAF and also has many benefits. This architecture has the capability to provide efficient and flexible growth to business. It is the key way to build communication among all business units. Most of the companies deem that enterprise architecture is expensive and are unsure about its benefits. However, these are some misconceptions around the EA, among the IT practitioners and self proclaimed enterprise architects.

Enterprise architecture has gained immense importance across the globe, so as to maintain the business unit relationship and business growth. There are some interconnected forces in increasing trends of enterprise architecture, such as accelerating rate of change, increasing information density, personalized services and goods, disintegration of industry barriers, emphasis between growth and performance, intensifying of the rate of product innovation and focus on diversification, and much more. Due to all these objects, it is considered the best business factor among business units and has the competency for growing the business.

There is a good scope for this stream of business in IT industry. These days, they are plenty of enterprise architecture jobs available in the business industry. There are many sectors other then IT offering enterprise architecture jobs like government, financial, healthcare, retail, telecommunications and more. To have this job, you should have understanding and knowledge of business value analysis and benefits management.

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