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Art workshops in schools and Bollywood dance spreading its w

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Art workshops mean sessions engaging different forms of art and culture including dancing, painting, singing, tailoring, drama, acting or any kind of craft held by different masters in their fields or any organization. Art workshop is not only a learning it is a recreation spending a nice time enjoying the hobby. Many schools arrange art workshops in schools engaging their students from various classes and age group where they can spend some happy hours keeping study away and nurture their talents and area of interests.

These art workshops for schools are sometimes arranged by the school itself or by some other institutions during the vacation where the interested students can enroll their names. The students also get a chance to meet various famous personals from various fields. Sometimes the art workshops for schools are arranged outside the school sometimes outside the city or country also.

Necessity of these art workshops in schools-

Art workshops are important part of the school curriculum, the art workshops in schools help in development of art in education.

  • The artists who visit the school give the promising students a chance to know the national and international demand and situation of the art.
  • The creativity of the students are developed rescuing them from the boredom of studies and helping spending their vacation of off hours fruitfully.

Dance is one of the foremost interests among the students of various age groups. The dance workshops include various dance forms from all over the world, like the African, Chinese, Brazilian, Hip-Hop, street dancing and various ethnic dance forms from India like the Bharatnatyam, Katthak, kathakali. Indian dance form is very popular among the students. The Bollywood dance form is one of the most popular because of its energy, rhythm, costumes and music.

Bollywood dance form mainly generated centering the Bombay film industry. It is a mixture of various dance forms but having a distinct characteristic of its own. It has a serious international appeal and getting huge recognition now days. The dance form being popular is practiced all over the world. Dance schools spreading all around are teaching the pure Bollywood dance and arranging Bollywood dance workshops.

Bollywood dance workshops-

More anad more students are taking interest in the Bollywood dance forms and Bollywood dance becoming popular all over the world. So, Bollywood dance workshops are arranged by many institutions. Children love the energetic mover and the groovy music which keep them busy and entertained. The moves are also good exercises too. There are various forms of Bollywood dance styles some include the hip hop and more modern dance form and some follow the old traditions. The dance forms are mainly influenced by the films. Famous choreographers from the Bollywood film industry also arrange workshops in their own institutions or in schools or in other institutions.

Bollywood dance workshops are not only popular in the states of India but also in UK and slowly becoming popular in Europe too who keep a close eye on the Hindi film industry. Slowly the dance form is becoming popular and gaining a status in the art workshops.

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