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Products and Services from Clearwater FL Roofers: Asphalt Ro

by willienorman

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In terms of style, asphalt shingles can be sorted into two categories: architectural and three-tab shingles. Both are asphalt shingles that bring beauty to your home and do a great job keeping the weather away. But there's more to these 2 shingle varieties than what meets the eye.

Clearwater FL roofers and citizens can determine a set of architectural shingles from three-tab ones at first look. The very first has shadow bands in between the tabs that resemble wood shakes from a distance. A solitary piece of a three-tab shingle, conversely, has 3 shingle tabs nicely lined up, and is actually the more sought-after choice of the two. Listed here is an in-depth glance at the two shingle designs in terms of weight, sturdiness, and price.

Architectural shingles are heavier

Architectural shingles are normally put together on a heavier mat base, making it 100 to 200 lbs heavier than three-tab shingles per square. But the additional weight presents a variety of benefits for this type of asphalt shingle, particularly when it concerns the problem of stability. This is reviewed more in the subsequent paragraph.

Architectural shingles are sturdier

Like any heavy item, architectural shingles can stand up to even the strongest of winds that may strike Florida, particularly during typhoon season. They are less prone to buckling (a frequent incident in asphalt shingles in general) and can resist winds with a rate of over a hundred knots. That's proportionate to a Category Three typhoon such as Hurricane Karl in 2010.

Three-tab shingles are more budget friendly

If you're searching for standard protection for a fraction of the cost, three-tab shingles are the ideal choice. Since they're not as hefty as architectural shingles, three-tab variants cost around 20 percent less than their more robust counterparts. They're perfect for roofing structures that can shoulder light materials. In the long run, your choice between the two kinds of shingles is greatly a personal choice.

If you desire additional ideas about both asphalt shingles, you can go to the article at or at If you have a hard time selecting, you can always ask a roofer who also undertakes Clearwater roof repair to help you out.

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