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Safety Issues when Car Parking in Minneapolis Airport

by trudithorburn

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A report by the Department of Justice's Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) showed that parking lots are hot marks for car thieves. As a matter of fact, the number of cases of theft occurring in parking lots is 4 times greater than than that happening in residential areas. However, there are instances when you have no other option but to leave your vehicle in a parking space for at least a couple of days. What will you do then?

During circumstances when you need to fly to perform business somewhere else, you can leave your automobile in an airport parking area. You don't need to worry about automobile theft considering that Minneapolis airport parking services constantly maintain day-and-night security. But you still have to do your share to make certain you're not painting a bull's - eye on your car.

Don't leave your valuables inside.

Despite the doors latched, tricky thieves will usually discover a way to break into your vehicle-- by force, if they should. Don't leave anything useful like cash, laptops, and smartphones that could be readily viewed by passersby. In some cases, car thieves zero in on your car considering that there are things inside that tempt them in.

Better yet, don't bring them at all.

If you don't need such prized possessions on your journey to begin with, then it's ideal to leave them in the house. Make certain that your vehicle is as inconspicuous as conceivable to avoid drawing in the interest of crooks. Minneapolis park and fly areas may preserve ample safety, but overseeing hundreds of automobiles in an enormous property is easier said than done.

Bring your automobile keys

Except if you demanded for a meet-and-greet service (which is not exactly typical system in airport parking), it's ideal to bring the keys of your car on your journey. While airport parking workers won't carry injury to your vehicle, it's better to be protected than grieved. Airports usually allow you to take your automobile keys, but you should place them in a plastic bag provided by airport staff for security purposes.

For more details about the ways to stay clear of parking lot theft, go to the COPS official website at For specifics on an airport parking lot's security, you can get in touch directly with your chosen parking lot or check their official page online.

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