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Home Theatre Speakers at Affordable Price

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Bringing home the experience of theatrical sound effects is one of the main reasons why many of us invest in home theatre systems. While the speakers of olden days were used in public places for entertainment or for public speeches, speakers of the new generation are mainly meant for personal use. The journey of speakers which are one of the wonderful innovations of the electronic industry began with huge loud speakers. There was a time when these speakers were as tall as 3 feet. Gradually, the evolution of systems lead to smaller, slimmer and compact which were portable and also ear bud speakers which could be placed inside the ear.

The growing entertainment industry set in a revolution in the world of electronics creating demand for speakers of various types and sizes with powerful sound effects. Thus began the journey of speakers which have reached a stage where we have different speakers like home theatre , portable , wireless surround sound systems, multimedia , sound bars and other speakers. Home theatre prices have greatly reduced over the last few years, which has resulted in great entertainment at affordable prices. Speakers in such systems are connected with a sub-woofer to achieve outstanding sound effects. With such systems the dynamics of entertainment changed as one could enjoy theatrical effects within the four walls of our home.

Home theatre system speakers are classified as front systems or surround speaker systems. Front speaker system consist of 2-3 speakers which are placed in the front. However, a surround speaker system has multiple speakers teamed with a subwoofer. These are placed around the seating area to achieve a surround sound effect. The front and rear speakers reproduce sounds of higher frequency. Subwoofers reproduce sounds of lower frequency with strong and powerful bass. These are connected together to achieve surround sound effects which enables the listener to experience sound coming from all directions, depending upon the source material. These are connected to various audio/video devices like PC, DVD, MP3 and others. Speakers and subwoofer when housed in wooden cabinets produce sounds of powerful bass with low distortion. With a wide range of home theatre systems available in the market, one is spoilt for choice.

Speaker systems are usually represented as 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1. The first digit like 2, 5 and 7 represent the number of speakers and.1 represents the number of subwoofers. However, one should note that along with number of speakers and subwoofer, audio quality depends upon direction and placement of the speakers too. Although, every model of speaker is different from the other, one of the commonly found features among these speakers is the support for USB / Memory Card input, remote control, and easy control for various functions.

The market is flooded with various other speakers like wireless speakers which do not need cables to connect to each other and use Infrared or Radio Frequency (RF) technology to communicate with the base station. Without compromising the performance quality, these speakers help us to get rid of the mile long cables that are used to connect the systems.

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