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The New Google Maps

by anonymous

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If Android and iOS were gladiators, it would be like watching Russell Crowe go against that big guy with the damn tigers helping him out from the movie “Gladiator”.  We here at SeedCorn love a good rumor story, especially if it gets the creative juices flowing, so when I heard that Apple was ditching Google Maps for it’s own Maps application, because they wanted something better, faster, and more realistic, I couldn’t help but take a closer look.  Naturally, Google isn’t too thrilled about this.  So what does the Google Machine go off and do?  They are going to launch a new Google Maps on June 6th.


I wouldn’t expect anything less from Google.  Rumor mill has it that Apple will announce the new Maps app for iOS 6 during WWDC 2012, which gets popping June 11th.  Google is smart to pick June 6th to announce its new Map application.  And whatever this new Map Application is, it looks like it’s going to be huge.  Again, another rumor mill has it that Apple will use new a new Maps technology that features realistic 3D maps.  I don’t think Google wants to risk losing its strong presence in the maps arena to Apple, so it has decided that the early bird gets the worm.


Apple is betting that the late mouse gets the cheese.  There are things that each company does well.  Apple has an App Store, iTunes, and a killer tablet.  Google has search, open source documents, and maps.  The companies can fight all they want over phones, but when one tries to take what the other does well and do their own version of it, this means war.  Google will be holding a special invite-only press event in San Francisco on June 6th, a full five days prior to WWDC 2012.  The invites feature the words “The next dimension of Google Maps” with the earth and the Google Maps logo.  We don’t know wether this new product will be for web browser or mobile, and we don’t know if will feature 3D maps, or do something even cooler with it’s existing maps, but we know its happening June 6th.  Cue dramatic music.


I don’t know that Apple is necessarily giving Google maps the boot, that’s probably just a rumor, but I am willing to bet the farm that 3D maps are coming.  Google is really good at doing certain things and Maps is one of those things.  Let’s just hope they keep pushing the envelope.


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