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Roles and Responsibilities of a Toastmaster

by kudosm

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One might have heard of the term toastmaster also known as Master of Ceremony. Many people may correlate them with high class, royal or VIP occasions; however this is not the case always. A toastmaster is a person who is responsible to make your occasion in such a way that it lasts in the memories of the guests and the hosts for a long time. A good toastmaster is required to tactfully do his duties and should have good confidence and calming personality on the bridal’s gathering and the hosts. He is the one who will be ensuring that every ceremony during the occasion is done in the right order without and disorder and embarrassment.

A Toast Master is a person who familiarizes the guests to the hosts of the wedding at the beginning of the occasion; he also has to announce meals, toasts, speeches, and systematize the cake cutting ceremony too. Their duties may also include helping guests find their seats to take the breakfast. In short, a person with such responsibility is likely to make sure that everything in the ceremony is in its place. Such a way many pauses where the bridal party is not sure of what to do or what is happening can be eliminated.

The Conduct and the Protocol

Depending on the type of wedding excluding state occasions, civic reception, and wedding occasions, there is a requirement of maintaining certain customs and traditions. Also the proposing of formal toasts is taken as specific and unique honor and reward. And following the toast the recipient is expected to reply. The recipient is briefed in advance if a formal reply is desired. During the toast, all the people, whether guests, recipient, hosts are expected to remain seated and silent.
There can be different types of usual and traditional toasts the can be given at any formal gathering or meal. Traditionally are toasts are usually given at the end of the meal, excluding State events. In state events, toasts are made before meal. The various kinds of normal or traditional toasts are as follows:
The Ladies Toast: In this type, the Toast Master is generally the President. A formal reply is likely to be expected from one of the ladies present who was selected before the event.
The Burns Night Toast: In this, a toast is proposed to Robbie Burns, and also to the Haggis. It is carried out with due ceremony.
The Loyal Toast: The Loyal Toast is the task of the chairperson or president. The tradition demands here is that everyone should to stand, apart from proposing at Royal Navy functions and certain Regimental occasions, where convention dictates otherwise.
The Formal Toast: In this type of toast, when proposed, no reply is expected or required. Such toasts are generally proposed by the Chairman or President or by the incoming President or a senior representative or such alike.
Weddings Toast: In the Wedding Toast, the first toast is proposed by the Father of the Bride to; The Bride & Groom. The Groom is required to propose the second toast to; the Bridesmaids.
It is possible that the Best man will propose a second toast to the Bride & Groom.

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